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Crawling 8

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chapter's end. finally a shorter chapter!! yippie!

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"You're - Not - Delilah" he finally managed to stammer.

"Delilah ... she's you partner, you don't love her, she doesn't love you at all ... so what's the matter with her?" Kertsfield sneered closing in on him.

There he stood, trapped and not daring to say what he had to say. "But ... I lover her."

Kertsfield stood rooted to the spot not able to utter a single word.

"And ... she will come here and safe me somehow ... sometime - even if she doesn't love me."

Another window shattered, the alarm system went off. "She does" called Delilah flikflakking over to them. "And I'm here to take my partner with me ... because you don't matter at all."


The dream ended as abrupt as it had begun. All of a sudden everything around Julius was black ... he sank into deep sleep knowing nothing anymore ... was it a dream in which he slept? Did he really sleep? And did that matter?

And then he could see himself lying in his bed with Delilah at his side... this was all too strange to be true.

Against my will I stand beside my own reflection
It's haunting how I can't seem...

Delilah was worried ... the pulse was much slower than before ... was that a good sign? She stroke a strand of hair out of Julius' eyes. She had talked to him so much during this day - probably more intimate things she had ever told him when he was awake.

She had talked about his hair, the eyes she wanted to see open and not glassy, that she kept a photo of him under her pillow ... just when Al came sushi-eating in. How embarrassing!

She just hoped Julius wouldn't remember everything... especially her saying a moment ago she loved him. It would just complicate everything. What if he didn't want to be her partner anymore because he felt constricted or whatever?

"Wake up" she said waiting desperately for any kind of reaction. "Please wake up..."

And then ... his eyelids twitched, and his nose as well.

He smelled something ... yes, Delilah ... he felt himself lying in his comfortable bed, her hand in his. He dared opening his eyes.

She looked terrible, dark circles around her eyes her hair sticking out in every direction. And yet she was fairer than everyone else he'd ever met.
"Everything's okay", she told him. "You have been sick with fever, and some delirious ravings."

"That's certain", he said not able to express his happiness at being back in reality. "Everything accumulated ... one second I was having dinner with you ... the other we were trapped... and we couldn't fight some ninjas! It seemed so real! This whole story ... I could see scenes I was not in at all! It was so illogical! Imagine: Ms. Deeds tricked us because she and Wednesday wanted to trap us for some reason... but then Deeds recognized that Wednesday had tricked her so she helped her to trap us to get out of her trap! And we did not think it was a trap because if she was trapped she would trick us ..."

Julius laughed soundlessly. A dream. A nightmare. He was so glad none of that had happened. He had nearly fallen for Kertsfield, if that wasn't a nightmare he didn't know ... and Delilah didn't need to know.

Delilah took his temperature again. "37.3°" she said. "You're recovering. I'll get us something to eat ... and you must drink a lot, you know that?" She tried to keep a straight 'Doctors-know-what's-best-for-you'-face and when she noticed she began to smile in relieve turned for the door.

"One last thing, Delilah", Julius said. "Would you make me save Ms. Deeds?" He looked at her his eyes wide open.

"Maybe, yes", Delilah replied but seeing him shocked she quickly said: "No, surely not. April's Fool." She added softly closing the door behind her.

Julius leant back in his pillow. Would there ever be a normal day in his life? Everything was crazy ... but as long as she was with him nothing really bad could happen to him. He was sure of that.

okay, sorry again for this confusing chapter ...
but in the end I think it might help Julius to understand his own feelings. maybe ... after all, he's a guy, they always need a bit longer ;)
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