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Runaway 1

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mind your steps

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Chapter 6: Runaway

Julius blinked. Everything seemed back to normal... luckily. He hoped to never have likewise stupid nightmares again ... Ice marrying Dismay and such crap. He yawned. And speaking of that Doctor he had been lucky that Delilah had insisted in not sending him to hospital.

He got up and had hardly dressed when Delilah came in.

"Morning my little dreamer", she said cheerfully. "Had a good night's rest?"

"Very good, thank you, doctor", he smiled at her.

"Then, pony up, Al wants to see us ... new assignment I'm looking forward to a lot ... Scarlett let something slip."

Hastily Julius followed her out of his room into Al's office. Nosey and Scarlett were there as well trying to install a new antivirus software on Al's computer. "It's all because of Al's interactive playing ... he'll risk the discovery of classified information of the Academy..." Scarlett muttered under her breath.

"Morning", Julius said.

Al looked up from his desk and got up. "Julius! Man, everything's okay? You worried us a little ... catching a flu ... you need a balanced nutrition, for a strong immune system, okay?" He sat down again.

"But firstly your assignment... what do you know about the Vienna Opera Ball?"

"It's a great event in not only Austrian but international high society. Apart from the stars there is a big number of so called debutants, young people between 19 and 24 years old, who open the ball with the waltz to the left."

Scarlett got up watching the computer load. "Not bad, kitten. But there is always a dark side."

"I thought it could not get worse ... all these people stepping on each others' feet ..." Julius said. "It's so stiff. Looks like military, everyone in robes."

Al looked down on his green dressing gown. "What's wrong about that? I like robes... bath robes, mind you."

"We noticed. Every year at the ball there is a demonstration down the Ringstraße. Nothing unusual, against fur for example but this year they think that the anti-war demonstration will be used as defilade for an attack on some celebrities." Scarlett continued. "This is a special mission, not only the lives of some VIPs are in your hands but as well the international security - imagine the break of diplomatic relations and the problems linked with that!!"

Delilah considered a moment. "It's an anti-war demonstration ... and they create war? These people lost all their marbles, didn't they?"

"That or some other social circle is using them ... anyway... special missions require special treatment. Therefore you'll be working in a threesome ..."

Julius moaned. Not again ... not Ursula for heaven's sake ... or Emmet.

"Nosey will accompany you." Julius face brightened instantly - whereas Nosey screwed it up, he had tangled up his feet in a cable and fallen down in surprise.

"Really? That's great, what will we do?"

A few hours and some gadgets later they sat in a helicopter flying over the Atlantic. Julius was flying while Delilah read about standard dances absentmindedly stretching and letting go a white garter.

"Could you please stop that? It kind of, distracts me." Julius said.

'Men ...' Delilah thought slipping the innocently white thing back into a bag. "I've always wanted one of these. It looks so professional when working under cover and pulling out a gun ..."

Julius sighed. 'Women ...' he thought. "You don't really have a gun, remember?"

"No, but enough marbles to make a gun look like a toy ... explosive marbles ..." Delilah said savouring every word.

"Oh, speaking of pleasant things ... we still need to draw matches who will have to dance with you." Julius said.

"Who must? I'd love to ... been dancing since elementary school!" Nosey interjected beginning to move waltz-like in his seat holding an invisible lady in his arms. "What?" he asked when he opened his eyes and saw that everyone watched him with one raised eyebrow.
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