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Runaway 2

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to dance or not to dance

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"Ah, nothing. We'll draw ... it's fairer." Delilah explained rummaging for matches. "One match for dancing and one for the outside undercover mission, right?"

Of course she did not find any. You never did if you really needed one and had no idea where you put them and if there were any left at all.

"Julius, you know if we got matches?" she asked.

"In which century do we live? 15th?"

"The people of the 15th century didn't have matches, Jules." Delilah said a little irritated.

"Okay, okay. Let's just say I take the short one. That's the more dangerous outside undercover thing, I assume?"

Delilah grinned. "No, it's dancing with me."

"You just made that up!" said Julius in his heart of hearts looking forward to the opportunity of dancing this closed position dance with Delilah but he would certainly not admit that.

"Lack of proof" Delilah smiled.

"Oh, and I packed my tailcoat", Nosey said unhappy. "I just have to find the ones planning the assassination ..."

Delilah looked up. This was something she did not want to cause. "Nosey, this is important ... more important I guess than hopping around a ballroom. If we don't know who will attack ... well ... someone as we don't know about that either ... we're up the creek. We build on you, Nosey." She looked at him.

So did he, meeting her eyes. Alright, he'd find out who was plotting ... and if it was the last thing he'd do. After all he was a super spy. Or at least he hoped so.

They landed finally in Vienna. As they got out Delilah stretched and took a deep breath of the fresh air. Fresh? Not so much. A lot of exhaust fumes polluted the air. It was a big modern city after all.

After having checked in Julius looked at the price-list. "What?? 130 Euros per night? Delilah you're insane!"

"No, I'm not. Firstly, the Hotel Suite is only 900m from the Opera, secondly it's nearer to all the museums and other sight seeing spots and thirdly double rooms would be cheaper but you said no."

Laughing and blushing they set off looking for their rooms.

Nosey looked out of the window onto the main street. Noisy, a lot of cars, people going shopping, musicians, a few homeless persons. Magnificent houses wherever he looked, an amazing city.

While Delilah and Julius checked the clothing instructions ("I need to wear patent-leather shoes and white gloves?" "Mine's not much better... 'Snow-white ball dress' - and long white gloves..." "You're a girl, that's different..." "Ah, really?") Nosey walked around in the city.

Graffiti decorations
Underneath a sky of dust

They met each other at dinner.
"So", Julius began. "What did you do today? Feels like holiday."

"Yes, really!" Nosey was excited. "First I was in a big amusement park - there was this gigantic Ferris wheel! And a planetarium!"

"You were in the Wurstelprater", said Delilah who had replaced the menu card with a tourist information brochure.

"Could you please repeat that?" Julius asked.

"We could go there tomorrow... it's a big amusement park like Nosey said. And we should see Castle Schönbrunn! And the Lipizzaner stallions! Then have a ride in a droshky!" She paused. "But unfortunately work goes first. Tomorrow's the first dancing lesson. Did you lend your White Tie?"

"Yes..." Julius mumbled who had been looking forward to go to a park with Delilah but no, they had to dance ... "Must I wear it tomorrow?"

"No, just black trousers and white shirt." Delilah answered. "No t-shirts, however. I asked Al about a participants' list, he'll send it later. What will you eat?"

"I'll take the ... Marillenknedel. But I don't know what it is..." Nosey began.

"I can't understand a single word on this card... I thought I'd learned German ... frustrating. This mission is going to kill me." Julius said.

In the end Delilah had potatoes, Wiener schnitzel and hot apple strudel for everyone. 'Not too bad ... but I do miss a pizza...' she thought.
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