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Runaway 3

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getting to dance

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The next morning Nosey walked around again while the others made them prepared for dancing, that is, Delilah taped a damaged toe because they'd wanted to practise.

This time he did not just notice the pompous buildings, bars and pleasures. He soon recognized that Vienna was like every capital ... many dark lanes in which by night surely lurked hoodlums and beggars, bedraggled houses with whole families living in one room ... it was a completely different ambiance here.

A constant wave of tension
On top of broken trust

In the meantime the debutants Justus Cabledue and Daphne Dafoe went to meet the other debutants.

"Good morning, everyone! We'll close the doors now - if you see anyone looking through these doors make clear to them they can go at once." a woman at the age of 40 said, walking swiftly through the hall they were practising in.

Delilah looked around her. The chatting had stopped. One minute ago everyone had been chattering - in over 14 languages! They had joined in the "foreign" debutants which seemed better to them having found out that Austrian German differed a lot from the normal. The woman with the hard trained Oxford-accent spoke again. "Now everyone, I want you to stand in a row."

Everyone swarmed ...

"Don't push! There's enough room here for everyone!"

Delilah looked at Julius: "I wonder whether everyone is her favourite word..."

In front of them stood a gigantic mirror for them to see them dancing and Delilah could notice the woman glaring at her.

"Everyone be quiet while I talk!"

She moved when talking; it seemed impossible for her to stand still. "You've been chosen to have the possibility, the honour to open this ball. I want everyone to live up to that! You've been chosen because of your ability to dance, so this is what we will do now. If anyone needs to talk to me, I am Eva von und zu Hohenthal. Maestro, would you please give us the favour?"

The well-known melody of "On the Beautiful Blue Danube" rang through the room.

"Gentlemen, please ask for the dance!"

Not so much to her surprise but to her astonished delight Delilah saw Julius bow low and say: "May I ask you for this dance, milady?" and felt a light breeze of a soft kiss on her hand.

Her cheeks turning pink she looked quickly down on her shoes whispering: "Yes."

They laid their arms around each other and began to turn. "LEFT! LEFT!" a voice shrieked but they failed to notice until a strong hand separated them. The music stopped.

"Where are you from?" the lady demanded.

"Canada", Julius said.

"Well then, Mr. ..." she looked for his name tag. "Cabledue you must understand the meaning of 'waltz to the left', don't you?" They heard others snickering behind her. "The others had to avoid your - much too long - paces. You were dancing uncontrolled and in the wrong direction!"

Gleeful grinning from a group of Spanish speaking twens.

Julius swallowed the rage and the feeling he had to use those youngsters as punching balls. "Yes, madam. It won't happen again."

"It must not happen again!" she said but looking a bit more placatory. "One more time, please!"

Delilah looked conscience-stricken at Julius. "I'm sorry. I should've reminded you that it was a waltz to the left." she said under her breath as they moved again closer to each other.

"Never mind. The problem is just ... didn't we learn waltz to the right at the academy?" He felt unsure and embarrassed. He had wanted to make some impression and now? Dancing lessons during etiquette classes had been different at home. It had been fun! As it turned out however they had not been any use. He had already then wondered whether this subject would ever be of any use. Besides he couldn't remember the last time he had been laughed at.

The lessens that you taught me
I learned were never true
Now I find myself in question
(they point the finger at me again)
Guilty by association
(You point the finger at me again)
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