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Runaway 4

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closer and closer and nearly there

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During the next hour they improved a lot - much to 'everyone's' surprise. Soon there was a break because of some girls moaning about blisters.

"I don't know why they need to have the high-heels for a practise lesson ... especially when they didn't break in the shoes before ... no wonder we have to have a break now." Delilah said.

"Competitive, aren't you?" a blonde girl next to her asked. "Hey, I'm Ashley, I'm from Bristol. My father is on business travel in Vienna and as I always wanted to visit Continental Europe I came with him and applied for the Opera Ball. It's great, isn't it?"

"Talkative, aren't you?" Delilah said. The both girls looked at each other then burst with laughter. "I'm Daphne", Delilah said. "I'm from Canada, so is Justus, my partner. Ehm ... my ... golf partner, we ... he's not my boyfriend."

"Oh, I see", said Cindy winking at Julius. "Hello Justus, nice to meet you. Is it really always so cold in Canada?"

'Talk about the weather, first rule in England and general polite small talk', Julius thought. "Ah, well, no, actually ..." he began interrupted by Countess Hohenthal.

"We'll continue! Maestro, please, Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald, alright? Ladies and Gentlemen, please line up! You look like a flock of chicken!"

"Here we go again", said Delilah proceeding to Julius' welcoming arms.

"You know, waltz to the left is not as bad as I thought ... dancing in general" Julius told her. He wanted to add 'especially because I'm with you' or something of that kind but found it much easier to say it under his breath barely moving his lips.
It would have sounded cheesy and implausible. He looked at her as they turned with the melody and at the same time paying attention to the other dancers to avoid a collision and guarantee at least slightly synchronic dance. The constant movements bestowed a faint red to her cheeks which suited her well. What was she thinking about?

"Don't watch your partner's face too closely, it won't change because you don't observe it all the time!" announced the Countess.

"What do you think we should do next?" asked Delilah moving closer to his face.
'Did she want to ... or was she just trying to be not overheard?'

"Ah ... I ... dunno ... make a suggestion", Julius said approaching until their noses were seperated by only two centimetres. He looked into her eyes. There were faint golden rays of green in her brown iris. Perhaps, if he was lucky...

Delilah took her time. "Then I think we should keep our ears open next break and mix with the others. Al had still some difficulties with getting that debutants' list. What do you think about it?"
It was a good proposal but she could have slapped her face. 'I'm so chicken ... but we'd be thrown out by Eva' she silenced her conscience.

"Yeah, I'm fine ..." he said, holding her tightly. "Really fine with that."

'The others are hopping around merrily now and what do I do ...' Nosey walked around the city checking a garbage can from time to time, looking for bills of the upcoming demonstration and for further traces of the villains. Whoever they were. Then, suddenly he heard something.

"... and therefore I am of the opinion that we should do everything to prevent this evening from becoming a meeting of international villains, crime fighter and war profiteers!"

The voice came from one of the bigger houses on the left. The door was open. Eagerly Nosey sneaked in.

Paper bags and angry voices
Under a sky of dust

A whole crowd of people clapped, excitement in their eyes. Nosey stood in the shadows of an archway bending over to a young corpulent woman. "Hey, what you're planning?" he asked, knowing how plump it was. But he had learned and experienced that those were mostly the best guarantor for a good answer from unsuspicious people.

"It's the opera ball demonstration" she explained. "Every year we use it as publicity platform for our demonstration. The first demonstration there was, was against the opera ball, cold war, capitalism, the whole program. Nowadays it helps us to draw the public's attention to our concerns." she said.
"We must preserve this world for the next generation, there must be no war!" she shrieked along with the others, one hand upon her huge stomach. Nosey realised just now that she was pregnant.

Another wave of tension
Has more than filled me up

"You wanna join?" she asked.

"Well ... yes, of course" Nosey said.

She stretched out her hand to shake his. "Hi, I'm Angelina." she smiled.
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