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Runaway 5

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Looking around Nosey saw the gigantic ceiling was made of stucco. From time to time some of it crumbled down on the cheering, excited or angry crowd. The walls were covered with maps, street plans, building plans ... no matter whether there was some ancient painting or not. It looked like every bit of the walls had been wallpapered and a huge printer seemed to have sprayed every bit it could reach.

Nevertheless it looked quite professional and if it hadn't been for the lack of neon lights it would have certainly looked like a villain's lair. The candles in the bearers, chandeliers, and lanterns cast a warm light over everything creating a celebratory yet familiar, even romantic atmosphere.

"And you ... you just demonstrate? Nothing else?"

Angelina gave him a critic look. "Yeah ... what did you think?"

"Me? Nothing, really..." Nosey said and then paused. "Eh ... it's a bit smelly here, isn't it?"

Angelina blushed. "I'm sorry ... the thing about being pregnant is ... you easily get flatulence..." she told him quietly while the crowd around them moved to the exits. They were separated and all she could hear was his crying:
"Hey, guys, it wasn't me! It wasn't me!"

Delilah and Julius were sitting on a sofa in Delilah's room checking a list with Al.

"What does that mean, Mrs. Flavad was 'noseyed' ...?" Julius tried to figure out aloud.

The Al on the visual telephone laughed. "Nosey was on this mission ... he discovered she had stolen her diamonds herself to get compensation from the insurance ... unluckily it was discovered that she had stolen the jewels - Nosey was way too nosy and found them in the manure heap of the old lady's estate ... really bad luck ..." he chuckled.

"I always thought diamonds were girls' best friends ..." Julius chortled.

Al looked suddenly stern. "That was my joke, man!"

"Hey guys!" Nosey said walking into the room in a good temper. "I've found the demonstration but they didn't plot anything."

Delilah got up realising Julius' hand, which had by accident gotten there when leaning over the laptop, slip down from her knee. "Really? What did you check?"

"Maps, questioned people, peaceful atmosphere" Nosey numerated. "But of course I'll still make some investigations." he added. "And you?"

"We're going through the list Al gave us. Mrs. Flavad already had some trouble with law - and you - but I don't think she's got anything to do with that. What do you think?" Julius asked.

Nosey shook his head. "No, I don't think so. Anyone of war business here?"

"Two presidents, an oil sheikh, a Hollywood star supporting the war and ... Ashley's father, a steel factory owner.", said Delilah. "We have to observe every single one of them ... or do you have any hint who might be attacked?"

Nosey mumbled something about not knowing but investigating.

This night he did not come home. As Delilah got worried she wanted to call him on his blackberry.

"And blow his cover? Delilah, please don't. Relax, he'll be fine."

She looked at him with big eyes ... as if wondering if he was right ... then rolled her eyes. "Really, how can you be so unconcerned?"

Julius shrugged. "Maybe because I trust him."

This had finally some effect on Delilah. Once more she was her normal, ironic self. "So, you would desert me because you think I get on with the situation? Dangling above a volcano or something like that?" she teased him.

He took both of her hands in his, holding them tightly and lifting them up in front of his chest.
"Or, ehm, you don't trust me?" Delilah said, not sure what to say or do.

"You know I never deserted you and never will." he said at a low voice.

She saw his lips come nearer ... but was disappointed; they merely touched her hands. He let go and left the room. "Have a good night!" he said, smiling. "Don't dream anything about tomorrow ... I bet it'll be waltz to the right." Blushing as he remembered practise he closed the door quietly.

"He is driving me mad ..." said Delilah sitting down in front of the computer. "How am I supposed to calm down enough to sleep after that...? How lucky I was that Scarlett bugged Nosey..." and her fingers swirled over the keyboard.

I know this is quite a patchwork-chapter ... so please don't be too harsh ... constructive criticism is however highly appreciated - as always. actually I have a bit of a block ... or something like that.
Just wanted to keep the story going on.
thank you for your reviews, you're awesome!
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