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Runaway 6

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Nosey went down a road whistling a song he had heard on the radio - he tried to if one may use this word in that context. Nonchalantly he seemed to be walking in these troublesome outskirts but in fact his mind was rather preoccupied.

Finally he reached the house, looked around him carefully and stepped in. There were much less people in here than last time; only the man who had spoken to the crowd and about 10 more people - including Angelina. He wanted to wave at her but a bit of stucco crumbled down onto his hand. It was more painful than he had imagined. Rubbing his hand he walked towards her.

She stood at the far end of the room, barely visible because the only source of light in that corner was a few metres away from her. Shadow was on her face but Nosey noticed as only a man can do, that she was watching the leader who greeted her and then paced again up and down in the cone of light.

Angry - or concerned as he would retell later - he walked over to the man not knowing what he would do just feeling he had to do something. He wiped a sweaty hand on his shirt. As he, still a little hidden in the gloom, opened his mouth a whole chuck of stucco fell before his feet. Quickly he looked up at the high ceiling, recognising at once that the attachment of the chandelier was loosened a great deal. A little cracking noise told him what would happen next.

Nosey would not have been Nosey if he had not tried to save the day.

Remembering the many martial arts and sports lessons he had had to endure at the academy he yelled: "Hey, you there!" before speeding over to the man, grabbing him and rolling to the side out of the light.

"What do you think you're doing, man?" the leader shouted.

Nosey looked around for help. Everyone was watching him closely. He had decided to shrug and mumble something when with a deafening smash the whole chandelier landed on the floor - not so whole anymore.

There was silence. A long silence during which Nosey just wished to turn into a mouse and disappear without anyone noticing. He was supposed to work undercover and now he was known all over the place. How could he not be with such havoc? The silence was broken.

With cheering! Everyone clapped and whistled at Nosey - they celebrated him like a hero.

He could not say he didn't enjoy it and soon he was in mid-conversation with the leader - investigating for information, of course.

"Well done, man." said the leader, his green eyes looking fondly at him. "What's your name?"

"Nosey" he said adding quickly: "But that's only a nickname."

The leader laughed. "I like it! So, how come you risked your life instead of just telling me to go away?"

Nosey hesitated. He couldn't say "reflex". There would be questions, too many of them. "I'm more the man of action."

"I like you ... that's exactly what I need. You must be new here" he looked at him screwing up his eyes. Nosey got uncomfortable in his own skin. "but never mind, are you interested in making the world a safer place?" he asked.

Silently enumerating his many day-saving missions he nods. "Yes, sure."

"Ready to knock those war-makers on the head?"

This was too fast - he did not want to hurt anyone - especially one they had the mission to keep safe.

all my talk of taking action
These words were never true

After a short while Delilah had him. "Nosey?" she whispered. "Nosey?"

But he didn't answer. Obviously the speaker had slipped off his cheek and dangled down on his t-shirts by the invisible twine, because in certain intervals, there was a little hissing like the speaker was being dragged on cloth. All else she could hear was him walking along a road, whistling. Cursing silently she tried to figure out where he was. Noise of cars and people ... okay, he could be anywhere. She had no other choice but to wait.

Now she could distinguish the voices. There was a woman talking. She caught someone saying: "Hello Angelina!", a male voice.

The next sound was a mixture of muffling and grinding ... the two were obviously hugging!

Blushing Delilah wanted to switch her laptop off ... this was private. But even before she could do so she heard a loud crash. Concerned she continued listening. A few cries, again male. Two minutes there was nothing. Then a few people cheering. Mumbling reached her ear, making no sense at all. Then she heard clearly: "Ready to knock those war-makers on the head?"

"Sure!" she heard a gigantic crowd bellow, sounding out Nosey's voice.

"Crap ..." she said at a low voice, completely thunderstruck. One of her best friends ... a mole? She refused to believe it. But denying would not help. She had to tell Julius.

now I find myself in question

"No!", Nosey cried while the others proclaimed to do as the leader had suggested. "Violence is no solution!" He waggled his arms but was drowned. Only persons standing near-by noticed at all that he was uttering something. But no one understood.

Angelina came over to him. "I'm really glad you're going to help us in this situation."

"I ... I don't wish to hurt anyone", said Nosey trying to make it sound as if he was just a coward.

"We won't ... it is only a motto - keeps the team spirit high. We don't want to mess with the police either - or they won't let us demonstrate next year."

As Nosey continued to look distrustful she said: "You can trust Klaus ... he never did anything which was against the laws nor told us to. There was never any danger for anyone during one of his demonstrations. He's a nice guy."

"Ah, really?"

I must say I'm not too unhappy with this long chapter I wrested from my mind ... took a long while but it was necessary because I won't be able to update tomorrow. just thought you ought to know. I hope you still like it ... thanks for the comforting reviews!
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