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Runaway 7

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misunderstandings ... are dangerous

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The next morning was dawning. A tiny ray of light found his way through a gap in the satin-curtains flitting over to Julius's face. He blinked. Finally an hour ago to be precise he had managed to go to sleep. He was more anxious about this dancing thing than about his first mission. No wonder, he had to dance and concentrate hard on it and observe at the same time two presidents, a factory-owner, an oil sheikh and a Hollywood star. Really simple.

He got up and stretched. Much to do today. They had another practise and then waiting in a room until they could enter. Not too good for the security of the VIPs. Why the hell could they not have been waiters ... but no, Al and Scarlett had insisted upon it. Perhaps they wanted to set them up?

He sneaked down to Delilah's room, he wanted to look whether she was awake now. He still needed some practice. He opened the door. There she was sitting at the computer fast asleep. She should not work so much. The position looked quite uncomfortable. Quietly he walked over to her and lay her down in her bed. Proud he didn't wake her up he went down for breakfast.

He wasn't halfway through it when Delilah came down as well and set down next to him. She wasn't in a good mood. "Julius Theodore Chevalier!" she called as loud as she could risk.

Julius went pale. He didn't know that physical contact would upset her so much. "I never meant to ..." he began.

"I know" Delilah sighed. "But now we really have a problem."

"Do we?"

Delilah reached for some coffee. "Of course we do! We can't continue like that!"

"I'll never do it again, De. Okay?"

"Could you please pass me the sugar?" Delilah asked concealing her exhaustion.

"Yeah" Julius said happy that they were back to normal. One thought was wearing him though. He wanted to continue like that. Even more like that if possible. Apparently it wasn't a subject to be discussed now, however. He looked for something else to talk about as silence became unbearable.
"So, it's alright with Nosey, isn't it? He came back last night."

Delilah looked petrified. "Ahm, Julius, what were we talking about the last few minutes? Have you some kind of blackout?"

"I ... what were you talking about?"

"I was talking about you destroying my proof for Nosey being a mole!"

Now it was Julius's turn to look petrified. "A mole? Nosey? Never! And ... me, destroying your proof? What proof?"

"I found him because of his bug. He changed allegiances, Julius! I had everything on my computer when someone pressed the delete-key. It must have been you ... when I woke up there was still a bit of your aftershave in the air."

Phew! Nothing about him carrying her in her bed. "I still don't understand. What makes you think he's a double agent?"

As Delilah explained the details Nosey awoke. It had been a wonderful evening. He had stayed with the others a long time. And the others included Angelina. He felt like having a wonderful big breakfast and went down.

they point the finger at me again

Nosey was confused. They were his best friends! And they gave him such looks? He could not believe it. It was more likely that a villain changed her memories. He went towards them.

"Good morning, I'm Nosey, perhaps you don't recognize me anymore but you -", he presented himself.

"Hush!" Delilah said pulling him down on a seat next to her. "We know perfectly well who you are! And it's because of that that we are this angry!"

"De", Julius tried to calm her. "We have no evidence."

It did not calm Delilah at all. "Listen, Nosey, I heard everything yesterday evening. Everything."
Nosey grew pale - obviously confirming Delilah's thesis. "How did you find out?"

"Scarlett bugged you. I don't know where you were exactly but I just can't believe you betrayed us."

"I didn't betray you ... I just like her." Nosey commited.

"Her? Wait a sec ... it was 'him' wasn't it?" Julius asked even more confused. This was not at all a happy omen for the day.

"I'm not gay, man!" Nosey called attracting looks from other guests. "I mean", he continued in a whisper. "What makes you think so?"

Delilah tried to clarify things. "Listen, we heard you making a deal with that leader. A conspiracy to kill the war-makers."

Nosey's face brightened instantly. "Oh, that! It's just a slogan ... nothing more. They only want to demonstrate. Really."

Delilah and Julius were not convinced at all. "How do you know that?" Julius asked.

"Angelina told me." Julius whistled. "Who's that girl?"

"Just one of the demonstrators. Nothing more. But reliable."

Delilah and Julius were about to look at each other with one eyebrow raised when a bullet hit Deliah's cup.

sorry guys, I somehow don't manage to get some speed and action into the story... I'm doing my best to change that - but I can't promise.
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