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Runaway 8

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following, chasing, hunting

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"It's Klaus!" Nosey called out.

Delilah jumped and whirled around - just in time to see a person outside the now shattered window running away. Quickly she took up the chase happy she had already put on Scarletts bullet-proof vest.

"You stay here, Nosey!" Julius said hoping he could still trust his friend and sprang out of the window following the others' track of confused passers-by, overthrown suitcases and railing matrons.

Delilah ran ... she could not believe it ... unless Nosey was really innocent he had betrayed them to the enemy who tried to kill them! But on the other hand Nosey could have been killed this morning as well ... She tried to chase these thoughts from her mind seeing that they were no use and concentrated rather on the pursuit.

The man ran down the street without looking left and right - and he was fit, no doubt about that. They reached a marketplace. It wasn't easy to keep up in the jostle and soon she heard Julius calling behind her. She waved a hand to show him where she was and this fraction of a second was long enough to lose the man.

"Wonderful" she sighed turning back to find Julius.

The next thing she saw was a brown bolt dashing by followed shortly after by a blue one. 'And on it goes' she thought cutting short by jumping over a few market stalls.

There she was again, head-to-head with Julius the shooter 10 metres before them. They left the market entering a street whose sign read 'Sackgasse'. "Run! We have him in a sec!" Julius called. Delilah did not wonder why.

They had cornered him. The street had a dead end. The man looked frantically for a chance to escape. Delilah and Julius were carefully closing in still not seeing more than the man's back. He was run-of-the-mill ... nothing remarkable about him.

"The game is up", Julius said.

"Don't worry ... you'll have enough room to walk around ... in the prison's courtyard." said Delilah.

At this instant the guy turned throwing something on the floor. A gigantic cloud of smoke and ash rose enshrouded them. While they were coughing and struggling for breath the smut lifted slowly ... and of course the man was gone. Just as they wanted to be off a random shot was fired, out of the blue. Julius looked up seeing the man about 400m from them. Just as he wanted to chase and finally get him he saw Delilah clutching her chest.


She prostrated ... a strange picture ... a bent figure kneeling before a young blonde towering man. But he did not remain standing. "De ...!" he cried.

She managed a cough and gritted her teeth to not cry out loud. "Never mind ... I'm wearing the bullet-proof vest Scarlett gave me. Just a few bruised ribs." Julius sighed in relieve.

"But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt!" Delilah reminded him, grinning while fighting back tears.

"Okay ... can you walk?" He helped her up and she nodded. "Luckily I have a corset to wear tonight ... it'll stabilize the ribcage." she tried to joke.

Defeated and with blackened clothes they returned to their hotel where Nosey was still waiting for them.

"What's up? Delilah, you're hurt?"

She put him off. "No, it's nothing. We didn't catch him, though. Tell me one thing, Nosey: What was he up to? I don't believe he came to smash the porcelain!"

Nosey shrugged. "How should I know?"

Julius grabbed him by the collar. "You knew this man! You were supposed to find out!"

"But I only recognized his clothes ... and he won't trust me anymore if I find out it was him."

Julius sat down. "I really don't know what this all is about. You say the demonstrators just want to protest without getting rough ... and I want to believe you, I really do. Then someone wants to shoot us though we have not had anything to do with 'war-makers' so far. Someone knows too much. Nosey, you'll have to find out what this man was doing this morning. Whether he has an alibi or not."
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