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Runaway 9

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ah, this gets longer and longer ...

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Delilah got up breathing heavily but looking determined. She was used to bruises. "I totally agree."

Nosey looked at her shocked. So did Julius.

"What's up with you two? One time I agree and you're still not content!"

Julius got up and made her sit down. "What?" Delilah asked and then followed their looks. Her eyes widened as she saw a red spot on her shirt. This was definitely no ketchup. She stretched the neckline and risked a glance.

"The bullet went through Scarlett's bullet-proof vest." Her face had gotten pale. "It was her pride and joy ... foolproof even, she said. That was an expert."

Though Julius tried to make her understand Delilah refused to go to hospital. "You can't go dancing with yourself tonight!" she said while she perfectly disinfecting and bandaging the wound. They would be at home in no time. Reluctantly Julius zipped up her dress as she could not move too much. "You won't be able to dance, I tell you!" he said helping her into her shoes. "I wouldn't be able to either!"

"The heels are not that high ..." she grinned. She would have laughed but she did not want to risk moving the bullet even further into her chest. "I told you, I prefer removing the bullet at home ... you would feel the same way, I'm sure."

Julius nodded. "Okay, it's your decision. I'll go to my room, Nosey will be there in a minute; he wanted to check the alibi."

Delilah nodded slowly lying down. She was exhausted. Julius looked at her for a while. The pain she had to endure was not much more than the ache he felt. He should have recognized right away that the bullet had hit her. She moaned slightly as she lifted her head a bit. "You still here?"

"Ah, ehm, I just had to ... lace my shoes ... yeah... I'll... just go now, okay?"

The next surprise waited in his room. He opened the door and saw a pregnant woman sitting on his bed. "This is Angelina", Nosey said. "One of the pacifists."

"Ah... okay. Make love no war, I guess." he said under his breath.

"She said that Klaus had been at the headquarters the whole morning but he left for about fifteen minutes to buy a muffin."

Julius nodded. "Fifteen minutes would be enough ... but yet, it's no proof. She's reliable, you said?"

"Don't talk as if I wasn't in the same room!" Angelina said, getting up and slapping Julius around the face with her handbag.

Julius held his cheek. "Another woman of temperament - just what we needed."

"I am reliable. But I don't think me saying that will convince you. Believe it or not: All I want is to help the world be at peace. We have the same aim, don't we?"

She looked in Julius's eyes and he could see she was serious. "He shook her hand. "Okay, but you'll have to help us." She nodded. "Stay with Nosey and the demonstration. Keep an eye on Klaus and report."

After a bit small talk and instructions he shoved them out of the room - he had to change into his tailcoat. Struggle would perhaps been a more appropriate word ... it was far more complicated than a smoking. He wanted to go to Delilah and ask for help but thought better of it. He was old enough, he could do that. He would not disturb Delilah who needed rest and make a fool of himself by showing he was not able to dress on his own.

I wanna run away

Just as he thought he could free his head which had gone strapped down by some bands inside the dress code there was a knock on the door. "It's open!" he said hopping in the direction he hoped the door was because another strap obstructed his view.

The next thing he heard was a soft laughter. "Julius!" Delilah smiled and walked over to him. In no time she had freed him and the tailcoat fitted.

"I'm so happy you read this book about the escape artist..." Julius said out of breath.

"So am I, it's time for the last practise, we have to go. I hope it won't be too breathtaking ..."
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