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Runaway 10

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the ballroom

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"Horse to Greeks, horse to Greeks" a voice whispered in Delilah's ear.

"Odysseus to Kalchas ... what's up?"

"We are now in the Ringstraße ... the demonstration is due to beginning ... nothing exceptional so far. I have a flag!"

Delilah could tell he was grinning and waving. "Very well ... a waving horse ... everything's alright in here as well. Achilles is still having some trouble with his patent-leather and we don't know which person to observe most but that's okay." She laughed a little as she looked over to Julius again who tried to pull his shoes apart and cursed under his breath.

"Tell him to grease it - olive oil from the kitchen will do" said a female voice. "Over and out."

Angelina looked at Nosey. He didn't look like a spy. And yet he was an agent, come to prevent a war. Nearby but out of earshot stood Klaus talking to a newcomer.

"Hey, you never give me tips!" Nosey told Angelina in false dismay.

Never say good-bye

"You don't need any", Angelina said pulling the binoculars from her bag. "See what I've brought with me? Could come in useful, hm?" She looked through and suppressed a cry.

"What's up? Someone blackened them with ink?" Nosey asked.

"I hope not" she looked over at him. "It's Klaus ... he's gone!"

"Now, I want everyone to make me proud! Not to mention to not make a fool of you!" the Oxford accent rang through the organ hall.

"I'm slightly nervous ... the victims are without protection at the moment", Julius said looking down at his shining shoes. "But at least I can walk again."

"Please line up, we are about to enter the ball room. Adjust your crowns, everyone, please!"

Delilah reached for the silver crown on her head. They had gotten them earlier and it was beautiful. The crown consisted on three circlets woven into each other, emblazoned by Swarowski and nacre. She hesitated and swallowed. The crown had to stay a bit lopsided ... she could not lift her arm more than to scratch her nose - which she should not, of course.

Julius noticed this, naturally, and knew she was too proud and determined to appear strong to ask him for help. "May I..?" he said reaching up and stroking the hair out of her beautiful face.

He paused for a moment. Nothing happened. Here he was and nothing, really nothing could stop him from telling Delilah how he felt, he could even kiss her! Nothing would hinder him ... The villains were outside, everyone around them was busy and Delilah could not even lift her arm to bar him. It was heaven!

The door smashed. A young footboy hurried in. Delilah jerked her head around. Julius didn't even bother to look up. It was no surprise to him. The words the boy called were however.


No, that was not the surprise.

"Someone has stolen all the chocolate from the kitchen! Aaaah! Someone an idea where to get some?"

Eva von und zu Hohenthal looked as if she was 'not amused' at all. "We'll go now!" she said, irritatedly overlooking the lad. "Everyone pace at 40 beats per minute!"

"Shall we?" Delilah looked at Julius a little impatiently. "We have some people to protect."

Julius heaved a sigh and tore him away. There was a hiss in his ears. "Bad news ... Klaus has disappeared. Ulysses?"

"It's Odysseus - mind you, that's the same... well, we got no choice... get into the building and look for Klaus. Dress up if you have the possibility." He turned to Delilah. "You heard it?"

She nodded. "No need to worry. We mastered situations worse than that."

"I don't worry ... I'm just a bit concerned."

"Isn't that the same?"

"No, actually ..."

"Daphne Dafoe and Justus Cabledue! Would you please finally stop flirting?!"

"We don't ..." began Delilah but stopped at the expression on the Countess's face.

It was amusement. "Out!" she barked in the more accustomed behaviour. "Everyone!"

The ballroom looked splendid. Everything was lit with candles; the auditorium had been lifted level with the stage providing enormously much space; the people were nearly overdressed. They could see the champagne-ordering Hollywood diva Fiona Lindman chatting with the Presidents and now the oil sheikh was in their proximity which was lucky - they still had Ashley's father to have an eye on.

"Horse ... can you hear me?" Delilah whispered while pacing gracefully down the hall synchronously with everyone else. "Four next to the side entrance. Where are you?"

"Already there" said Nosey's voice in her ear and a boy with a bottle of champagne next to the star waved a little in their direction. "Cassandra is watching the entrance. Over."

Ignoring the fault in the Greek legend Delilah murmured: "Okay, over and out." waiting excited for the next few minutes. She barely noticed that the pain in her chest had gone and she (nearly) did not bother about Ashley's father she could see behind Julius's shoulder.

Pretending a want for better view she leaned a bit forward... Countess Hohenthal would kill her ... and the music began.

Julius watched her. He could not make head or tail of her which was perhaps what attracted him most. What was she doing? She did not have to get that close to him...
Maybe she ... no, the mere thought was ridiculous... grinning slightly he turned left, so they could watch the factory owner in (very short) turns.

I wanna know the truth
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