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Runaway 11

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you know what? it's the end of the chapter!

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It was a new feeling to Delilah. She did not care a lot about the sheikh and the business man - hell, if these guys were in such danger they should not go to a ball! She was here with Julius and for the first time everything seemed right: he was holding her, they moved smoothly to the waltz in the most beautiful hall she had ever been in and her partner looked as if he was about to kiss her - or was that just her imagination?

Once this thought had occurred to her she became restless and started looking around as if to find a girl Julius could be watching. Then she saw him. Klaus.

Nosey had to keep him away from the crowd that watched the debutants as if they were their own children. If he ever had the chance to mix with the dancers they wouldn't be able to catch him. She gesticulated in order to make Julius understand. 'Klaus' she breathed. He looked alarmed, then nodded. "Nosey?" she whispered into her mic.

"Yeah...? Besides, it's Horse." Nosey whinnied.

"It's not the time for jokes. Klaus is here. At the buffet. Looks like he's got something hidden underneath his jacket. See what you can do, we don't want to attract attention if we can avoid it. But call us if you need help." Delilah ventriloquized.

"Alright" Nosey said putting the champagne on a table and heading off to the indicated direction. "Have an eye on our little party, will you, Angelina?" he asked through the speakers.

"No problem... though I wonder how he got in there. They've got a hundred securities at the entrances..." whispered Angelina through the wire.

"No time for that now. See you later." Nosey answered and the next second he saw Klaus just as the waltz ended.

Delilah faked a little qualm ("Why do I always have to... why can't you...?" "You're a woman, it'll look more convincing..." "Actually I don't feel too weak for a hook to your chin if you get the meaning." "Please?") which granted them entrance to the restricted section the steel factory-owner was in.

"How are you darling?" Julius asked loudly in an over careful voice. Delilah moaned a little.

"No, seriously, how are you?" Julius whispered. Delilah opened one of her eyes and caught sight of the assassin.

"Not too bad to get rid of this idiot!" she said jumping up and dashed over to Ashley's father who had unconsciously walked nearer and nearer to Klaus who held some weapon in his hand.

Julius had followed suit and while Delilah was shoving the stunned and loudly protesting guest away from danger Julius approached Klaus. "The game is over!" he said, and felt like sighing. They always had to talk like that - villains weren't up to understand more complex sentences.

Apparently the four words had already asked too much of Klaus because he didn't answer but attacked Julius right away - an insane thing to do. The spy got along really well and if it hadn't been for the feather boa lying innocently on the floor the fight would not even have to be called a fight.

Snakelike the shawl wound itself round Julius's legs up to his knees and he would have fallen into a boiling bouillabaisse if Delilah had not caught him. "I dunno ... why can't men handle a feather boa?"

"They can but only if they're transvestites..."

Klaus looked at them, then at his victim. He blinked.

Julius walked over to him. "You, sir, have an appointment with justice."

Smirking the attacker looked up to him. "You think... really?" and ran.

Delilah didn't bother and reached under her robe, opened the white garret and threw it across the ballroom behind Klaus. In flight it opened and the marbles rolled all over the floor making more than two dozen couples stumble. When they finally stopped there were some explosions to be heard but no one was harmed. There was only sleeping gas in them.

"I didn't know they were really any use" Julius said and wanted to follow the escaper when Delilah picked his jacket.

"Justus, we got a problem."

Ashley's father was gone.

I wanna know the answers
No more lies
I wanna shut the door
And open up my mind

Whereas the business man remained untraceable they found Klaus lying unconscious on the floor of a toilet, the weapon was gone and his shoes were covered with chocolate. When they had finally brought him back to reality he refused admitting he had anything to do with the kidnapping though he was worried about Ashley who cried on and on as if to fill an ocean.

"We saved the world from war but we lost a father ..." Delilah said. "The mission's not yet over."

"But we have to go home now ... Al's waiting for his Mozart balls."

Delilah smiled. "Yes, and I'm waiting to get a bullet out of my chest." grinning at the expression on Julius face as it dawned on him. "And Scarlett just asked me to get her some of these chocolates as well ... She gets more and more like Al..."

Their blackberry rang. "Yes?"

"Hey kiddos, this is Scarlett. We have a problem with that steel-factory-owner... seems like he had some project with the G.I.B. - and you know this is not the abbreviation for Go Into Ballroom... but they won't tell us the details, of course. To find out is, like, your next mission, man. Lucky you had time to bug him, Delilah; that reminds me of 1972..."

"Eh, Scarlett? You sound strange ..."

The voice at the other end of the wire burst into laughter. "Scarlett! It worked! They believed I was you!" This was Al's voice again.

"Sorry, kitten, it had to be ... I'm testing my Voice Varianter. It's working quite well ..." Scarlett said.

"And now I don't even get two packages of Mozart balls!" Al protested. "Okay, we'll see you at the academy, right? Take care and don't forget Nosey! He seems a bit ... eh... distracted!"

And he was ... taking a heart rending leave from Angelina who cried silently on his shoulder at the disappointment of her idol being a common assassin.

"Hush ... we gonna find out. Don't worry." he said, stroking her hair.

sorry that it took so long ... I revised it a dozen times and I still don't really like it.
It was kind of tricky ... anyway, thank you for reading guys! and special thanks to darks the unshakeable reviewer
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