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Chapter 7: By Myself

When Delilah had come out from anaesthesia she had only felt a bit dizzy but okay otherwise. Everything had still been a little blurred but finally she had been able to focus on the doctor in front of her.

"Good morning, Miss Devonshire. You are you feeling?"

"Good", Delilah had said, sitting up by dint of her arms. "So I guess you got the bullet?"

The woman had looked at a little abashed. "No, I must say. We first used a kind of endoscope but didn't find anything. There was no bullet, just the bullet hole. I don't know what you did ... or it was a special feature from Sarlett ... I really have no clue what happened. Mysterious."

Delilah had given her an intrigued look. "I did not remove it! Must have been Scarlett ... that's wonderful! But the wound will heal alright, won't it?"

"It will. But I took a blood sample, just in case. You may go in thirty minutes' time, you surely feel still a bit vertiginous."

Delilah had nodded and leaned back. She had already wondered why it had not hurt a lot.

But all of that had been a week ago. Much had changed though nothing had truly happened. There had been a lot of talk about apoptosis and an awful lot of other things. She wasn't worried but Al and Scarlett were. She barely went to talk to them anymore and avoided seeing their concerned faces. They just made everything worse. Everything would be alright!

Luckily there had been a lot of research and not really anything else to do so Delilah had had time to concentrate of what had to be done. The first results: the bug she had attached to the steel-factory owner had been discovered and his jacket was found in the Gulf of Mexico.
Delilah checked her watch: 3.00 p.m. Time to go.

Julius was in the gym with Nosey, Scarlett, Ursula and Emmet. Today's lesson was karate which Julius enjoyed a lot. Wondering why Delilah took so long he paired up with Nosey and floored him quite early.

When the door opened and Al entered Julius looked up to see whether Delilah had come and BANG landed hard on the mat.

Ursula went to him and smirked. "Training with Delilah doesn't help a lot, I see." When Julius started growling she clothed her face in a sugar sweet smile. "Wait a sec, I'll help you up." she said reaching for his hand. "We could, you know, train a little together. Exercise with Emmet is not much use..." she added arching an eyebrow.

Julius looked at her uncertain what to do. So he turned to the Big Man. "Hey Al, did you see Delilah?"

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Ursula exasperatedly turning away from him to snap at her partner why he had not yet gotten up.

Al looked surprised. "Didn't she tell you? Man, I thought you'd be the first person to know!"

"Al, what are you talking about? What happened?"

This was when Scarlett stepped between them. "Don't worry, kitten. She had some bad go of ... migraine and wanted to see the doctor."

Julius sighed. "Oh, good, I feared it was a blood poisoning from her bullet entry wound. She does look a little pale and weary of late."

Scarlett thanked god Julius wasn't suspicious. Al cleared his throat. "Nah, nothing to worry, as we said. Good news anyway, we got a tip where to find Mr. Thomas and this time there's no need for fur-bikinis!"

This was when Delilah entered. "What? Really?" she said excited.

"I'm serious, man, you will be flying to, like, the Caribbean!"

They had packed in no time, said goodbye to Nosey and met Scarlett on a corridor. "Bye Scarlett, we're off. Shall we send you a postcard?" Julius asked her. "If we're not occupied with surfing, lying on the beach ..?"

Scarlett's face was serious. "Delilah, dear, this is a demanding mission. We doubt that the kidnappers are still near by but do you feel up to it?"

Delilah looked irritated and Scarlett could see she was not happy about mentioning this in front of Julius. "Like you said, it was just a migraine. Goodbye."

"Take care!" Scarlett called after them.

What do I do to ignore them behind me?
Do I follow my instincts blindly?

She did not want him to know about this. In fact, she did not want anyone knowing. 'Not even myself.' she thought.
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