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By Myself 2

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it's getting hotter - no, not what you think!

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The flight was quite enjoyable. The farer they flew the brighter it became. Even Delilah was cheerful as they passed Orlando. Julius noticed this and smiled at her.

"You know it's been quite a while since I've seen you smile ... may I ask for a da capo?"

She grinned even broader. "You may" she said and pulled the control stick to avoid a flock of birds flying their way. "I definitely feel better, Juls. We finally got holiday!"

"I hope you packed your bikini ... you could to with some tan."

"What ...? I ... well ... how dare you!"

Julius looked confused. "I just wanted to say you look a bit pale, nothing else." He denied himself to say she looked older knowing that women were not eager to hear that.

"Oh ... ah, never mind, we'll have enough time to lie lazily in the sun - at least I hope so." said Delilah and stood up. "I'm a bit tired, do you mind if I lie down?"

"Of course not. Dream well." Julius tried to concentrate on flying. 'She really should ... looking so tense ..."

Delilah suddenly felt like sobbing into sleep - life could be so good! She had a caring partner, then this wonderful landscape, a nearly done mission ... it was wonderful! She contained herself and a single tear rolled down her cheek onto the pillow. She grabbed it tight and dropped of to a fitful sleep.

Do I hide my pride/From these bad dreams

They landed on Curacao. The island the informant had indicated was far too small for a plane. Julius still proud that his soft landing had not awoken Delilah went over to the bed she was lying on. Small beads of sweat were on her forehead and she kept murmuring something.

"Delilah..." he whispered and took her hand. She twitched then her eyes sprang open. "Oh, it's you", she said relieved.

"Bad dream?" Julius asked smiling. She could not endure looking at him. It felt like betraying. Why she asked herself over and over again without having an answer.

And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?

"Yes ... just a nightmare." she responded. 'from which I will perhaps not wake up...'

There was still time to go home ... she just had to tell him. He would understand. On the other hand there was a poor man out there on an island who waited for them to save him. Julius could not do this on his own - especially if he flew her back. Home or catching a villain?

Do I/Sit here and try to stand it?
Or do I/Try to catch them red-handed?

"Okay, so let's go out, the sun's shining!"

Outside the plane a young man greeted them. To their surprise it was Manfred who had once been a member of the academy.

"Hey, nice to see you! I did not think that they appointed top agents for a simple rescue mission."

"Ah, we were the ones that lost him ..." Julius said. "So, can you tell me where he is, Manny?"

"Don't you call me that! Oh, hi Delilah, as beautiful as ever" he kissed her hand and became professional once more. "He got stranded on a small island and lit an SOS fire. Unfortunately there had been a Hollywood production on it and they had lit a fire as well. So the natives thought they were doing some revisions ... we flew over this island with a chopper and saw that he had written on the sand 'Eugene Thomas'.

Investigating Delilah looked at him. "Why weren't you saving him if you knew exactly where he was?"

Manny seemed prepared for this question. "I knew you were looking for him and as the island is not easy of access I thought it best to wait for the pros. You'll have to dive or have a chopper or something like that. It's strange but some madcap idiot thought it funny to demolish all of our planes and helicopters."

"Even the one you discovered him with?"

"Especially this one. We just wanted to get down on the island when a bullet hit the tank. So everything's being repaired at the moment. Must be an important man, this Mr. Thomas."

Julius got his sunglasses. "We don't know yet."

"We have two possibilities: either jump out of our plane or dive to the island. Then we must wait for the choppers. Why can't we take a boat?" Delilah who had started pacing asked.

"Reefs", Manny said. "That's why there is nothing on this island - it's about 3 square km and just palm trees on it."

"These reefs - I think we should skip diving. Could you take us to the island in our plane?" Julius asked.

"No problem, just be aware of the fact that the plane might not live to take you back home."
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