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By Myself 3

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on the island

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Soon they had started and flew once again over the blue vastness into the afternoon's sun.

"It really seems as if this kidnapping has been planned for a long time. I wonder since when Mr. Thomas has been on this island and what whoever did to him before." Julius said.

"It remains a secret - not for long I hope. Klaus is still contradicting that he's something to do with it. Nosey, Angelina and the lie detectors are bearing him out but he clearly wanted to attack Mr. Thomas or at least cause a diversion to kidnap him. So, if we let him go, taking into account an error rate of 5% and Mr. Thomas having a young and beautiful daughter there's still reason for concern ..."

"You're causing concern..." Julius said.

"Me? Why? I'm as fit as a fiddle!" Had he discovered her secret?

"I'm not talking about your physical appearance but your vocabulary - but now you mention it..." Julius looked thoughtful. Delilah was saved by Manny calling: "The isle is just below ... if you want to get down you should do it now."

Julius nodded; they opened the door and sprang.
The island was indeed abundantly covered with palm trees and other plants, just the beach and some smaller clearings were places fit to land on. Delilah pointed at the strand. "There?" she cried loudly.

Julius merely nodded as they tried to get nearer before opening the parachutes.

Delilah's would not open.

"Julius, I think I might have a problem!" she shrieked through the wind blowing up her cheeks.

"Come here!"

One second later she found herself safe in his strong arms. Clutching him not only because she did not want to fall down but to have someone to hold on figuratively she felt secure. No questions, just her, Julius and his parachute.

It wasn't a long reigning peace. The parachute had barely opened when:

"Listen Delilah I also talked to Manny and he thinks there's something going on. Is it because of your parents? You don't seem to sleep much, lately. Perhaps you should see a psycho..."

She was tempted to say: 'oh no, not them again.' There had been one at the academy who just did not understand her. Al and Scarlett had sent her to him. She did not want to talk. Talking about it would just make it more real. She wanted to dream on and on, even if it killed her. Dreamers never die ...

"No, everything's alright, I just have these headaches, perhaps I have an allergy, I'll do some tests back home, okay?"

But perhaps she would feel better if she told him? A problem shared is a problem halved isn't it? With him everything usually felt less bad.

Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness,
Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?

They landed, looked at each other, stumbled over a coconut and fell over with Julius landing on top of her. "Oh, ehm, I" he mumbled getting up.

"You stumble again", teased Delilah looking around. It was a really beautiful island. They contacted Manfred to tell him they had arrived, then went to seek Mr. Thomas.

It wasn't exactly difficult to find him - he obviously wasn't afraid of his kidnappers returning because he sang loudly on a clearing accompanied by the crackling of a little fire.

"Or perhaps he wanted to scare the villains away - I'd not go back" Julius whispered as they approached the noise's source.

"What did you just say? I put on the ear-plugs from my explosion-set."

It was hot so it was no wonder the business man was singing off-key. After two of Scarlett water-chewing-gums he felt better but was otherwise still very weak and soon passed out. This scared Delilah. She did not want to be like that but was well on the way to end up as jellyfish.

"We should call Manny, he needs medical care, and perhaps they already have a chopper ready. They could land on the beach, I think."

All the way back? She felt her body weakened by the therapy revolting against this thought.

"Contact Manny, I'll look after him."

"Okay" Julius said knowing she was far more skilled in medicine than he was and went for a place from where he could phone more easily.

Delilah started to clean some wounds and bandaging the lump on his head and saw how precise yet erratic her fingers were working. Then it struck to her: she had forgotten to take her pills, especially the magnesium ... she leaned against a palm tree and breathed deeply. It was time they got home again. For the next missions she needed to be more prepared, otherwise she would just hinder Julius.

Because I can't hold on/When I'm stretched so thin
I make the right moves but I'm lost within

Perhaps she would not be able to do anything anymore? No, that was exaggerated nonsense, she told herself firmly. Julius was back.

"Good news: I managed to call Manny. Bad news: The chopper won't be ready until tomorrow." said Julius.

"It's okay, he's not seriously injured and we have water for about three days", Delilah began when all of a sudden Julius threw himself at her.

Bemused Delilah starred at him until a second later a coconut landed where she just had stood. Julius still lay upon her. "Thank you" she breathed forgetting all her sorrows.

"Delilah..." Julius whispered back. "Is it just me or is that coconut ticking?"
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