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Tell him!

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Even Mr. Thomas heard the soft ticking sound. Slowly everyone got up, careful to put their feet not too hard down. There might be a Concussion-Sensor on the coconut.

The bomb was attached by instant adhesive - judging by the tube adhering to it.

"Amateurs" Delilah mumbled stepping over to it. Eugene Thomas looked over to them with an expression of mingled surprise and interest.

"What are you going to do about it?" he asked while Delilah examined it further. They still had time, the countdown said '341'.

She was nearly grateful for this - finally something to distract her. But soon she found out it was definitely not the best that had happened to her today.

"It's more professional than you thought, is it?" asked Julius seeing her concerned face.

"Yep" Delilah answered and flipped her hair back. "It's made of titanium and palladium. No cables visible. I don't see any possibility to get through the shell without sparking the explosion off - I don't have any equipment for that with me."

"Nor do I - we really should ask Al for some guns. Water-chewing-gum is well enough but we obviously can't pasty it up." Julius said.

"That's an idea!" Eugene said.

Delilah raised an eyebrow. "This has a momentum of -"

Mr. Thomas shook his head. "I have a gun!" he said pulling out an ancient looking revolver. "These rogues gave it to me before they left. There's just one bullet in it, though."

Julius wrung his hands. "Hollywood ... How much time do we have left?"

Delilah looked uneasy. "That's the second problem: The countdown won't stop at 0 but at 109 - I don't know why, perhaps they were idiots after all. It's 280 at the moment."

Julius rubbed his forehead. "Can't we throw it into the ocean?"

Delilah shook her head. "Too dangerous - you won't throw it far enough: either it's washed back on the beach or the detonation will cause a huge wave that will flood the island. I'll have to shoot with this, ehm, thing, I think."

She glared at him as she had picked up the revolver and he was still there.

"Well, bugger off! Go to the beach or whereever ... I don't need you to give me good advice how to shoot!"

Like every time Delilah used harsher words than she would normally have done Julius obeyed immediately. In spite of the danger he smiled slightly. He knew Delilah knew what to do - even though she did not sound professional uttering those words.

Carefully Delilah lay down the bomb in front of a stone and hid herself behind a second one at some distance. She aimed at the weakest point of the shell hoping to succeed. It reminded her in a strange way of billiard ... she shook her head. "Focus" she told herself and aimed again trying to get used to the unusual weight of the old weapon.

There it was - the perfect spot, textbook. She pulled the trigger and immediately pressed herself to the floor behind her rock. No bang was to be heard. Had she missed it?

She got up and saw in relief that the shell had opened revealing a chaos of cables. She quickly bent down and pulled a cable. The countdown display said "Congratulations" then died.

Delilah wiped the sweat from her forehead when someone waved with a handkerchief. It was Julius. "Someone knows we're here." Delilah said taking it. "They wanted to kill him and if possible us as well, if you want my opinion."

"I'm happy the coconut put a spoke into the villain's wheel" Julius began when a thud alarmed them. Eugene had fainted again.

They had been sitting on the beach watching the waves, waiting, watching sunset approaching when half an hour later they heard the welcome noise of a helicopter over them. Julius helped her up.
She felt her muscles burn and that she really should have taken her magnesium. 'Wow' she thought. 'I didn't think about it for half an hour!' and a smile spread across her face.

I put on my daily facade but then

"What's up?" Julius asked smiling as well as he helped Mr. Thomas who had awoken by the noise to get into the helicopter-belt dangling about.

"Beautiful sunset" Delilah responded clutching her chest as if she was cold. Julius was startled and looked on the temperature diplay on his watch. '33°C ...'

Delilah meanwhile looked down at the sand on her shoes. She didn't feel good at all. 'I still didn't tell him...'

I just end up getting hurt again

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