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By Myself 5

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Delilah might be a cool chick, but she's definitely chicken!

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sorry guys, I had you barking up the wrong tree :D
the thing about this magnesium is hat the body needs it, especially when there is a therapy going on which destroys big parts of it - and more. I hope it doesn't get to boring... I'll try to update tomorrow-but unluckily I can't promise.
Wonderful to see how many stories have been updated!

The flight back passed in silence with Julius wondering what she didn't tell him and Delilah wondering how she could tell him. The only one who did not seem to want to wonder about anything was Mr. Thomas. He soon started chatting with Manfred, who had wanted to see the academy again and flew them back, about everything that came to his mind - his work, his family, his daughter Ashley.

Delilah often thought when she listened half-heartedly to his statements that Ashley would have done more than blushed and told her father to stop immediately. Luckily she wasn't there...

"And then I'm working on new weapons! I mean, not myself, of course, but one of my scientists came up with a really brilliant idea..."

Julius sat up. This was a brilliant opportunity to hear why those guys had kidnapped the man.

"I suppose this is why these rogues kidnapped me ... but I couldn't tell them anything! I mean, I'm a business man and everything I can do is business management. And I know a bit about steel but that's not worth telling..."

Delilah looked at her partner. This was just too strange ...

"I don't suppose someone can be stupid enough to kidnap a business economist if he wants to find out something about technology..." Julius told exactly her thoughts.

"I only don't know what they were after then ..." Delilah muttered as they turned nearer to Mr. Thomas to overhear everything.

"... and by this trick they can do really damage beyond killing one person! I personally am a pacifist, mind you, so I think this is a possibility to cover the world with flue or something of that kind and stop war with that instead of killing people."

Julius's eyes failed to fall out of his eye sockets. Delilah's face read as well 'what?'

"Ah, do you think he's serious?" he asked her quietly.

"It certainly seems so..." she answered grinning. "But we found him and as long as he's doing economy stuff everything will be alright. We return him to his daughter and do some research about the villains. I kept to bomb, or what is left of her, and I'm going to do some securing of evidence..."

Julius chuckled. "Sounds like fun! Would you mind me helping you? You could take revenge on me for my messing up later - I think you'd enjoy fencing, wouldn't you?"

He seized her hand and held it tight. He knew something troubled her but she would not tell him - not yet at least.

She pressed his hand as well and smiled. "Yeah, I surely would enjoy some fencing. But now" she yawned. "I would enjoy some sleep. Good night Jules" and to her own surprise as much as to Julius's she huddled against his shoulders. 'Perhaps I need him more than I want to admit...' was Delilah's last thought before she fell asleep.

She awoke in her room. Wondering what had happened she reached for her bedside table. There were the pills. Sighing she took some magnesium first and then the others. She hated it. It destroyed and yet it saved her. Having stopped trying long ago understanding the doctors she did not think about it any longer and turned to the note she found on the table.

'Dear Delilah,' it read making her heard jump with happiness.
'I know you might think now it was rude to not awaken you after we had arrived in Halifax. But you seemed to have a much-longed for sleep and I didn't want to wake you up. So please forgive me carrying you to your bed, I'll see you around,


Quickly as if she was scared the slip of paper could disappear into thin air she took it and put it into an empty shoe box under her bed. She had needed sleep, he had been right. But now, refreshed she felt she could do everything. Perhaps they should go to the cinema tonight; they hadn't been there for quite a long time ...

By myself
I ask why

She shook her head. All she was doing was delaying. Knowing he cared for her, he had proved that so many times, she should confess ... or not? It felt like something was between them like a dark cloud.

but in my mind
I find I can't rely on myself

"Morning sunshine!" The door had suddenly opened and the young man she couldn't stop thinking about entered. "I'm glad I don't have to wake you up... but we have defence lesson in half an hour so I thought I'd look after you ... I mean ... take care that ..."

She laughed. "I know what you mean. Thanks."

"Thank me later when Scarlett took away that electro shocker from Ursula ... you know she can't handle it. She won't admit it, however. And don't tell her I told you." He winked.

"Speaking of admitting ..." Delilah began.

"Ah, never mind, Scarlett told me!"

Delilah grew pale. "She - she told you? And what do you think about it?"

"It's brilliant! You know, I thought myself about visiting Prosper at times, but I didn't want to confess I missed her a little. We could go to cinema, don't you think?"

"I, yes, that would be really wonderful" Delilah managed to say convincingly. "I just think I'll take a shower, right?"

After Julius leaving she stormed into her bathroom and took a long hot shower. Not that she really needed it but she felt impure in a way.

I can't hold on
(to what I want when I'm stretched so thin)

The appointed day drew nearer; there had been some measures to be taken, and still she had not talked to him. She needed to tell him, not only because she owed it to him but because he was the only person she could trust, that she could rely on.
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