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By Myself 6

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a decision needs to be made - soon

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"So, today another trick with the electro shocker. And one more time: this is no item to kill your opponent! It is supposed to stun limbs and not cause permanent damage to vital organs. Which applies to all of you!" Scarlett looked at Ursula. She could not decide whether she felt angry or sad about the fact that this girl had aimed the shocker at Delilah's chest. Luckily it hadn't done any harm.

Ursula herself felt bad about the attack herself - which had been an unfortunate accident. Even though she didn't want to admit it (in case of which nobody would truly have believed her either) she liked Delilah, she was pretty, intelligent and witty - but so much that it caused childish jealousy. Also Ursula felt the urge to prove that she was no good-for-nothing blonde chick.

"So if you will please pair up, oh, there she comes, hello Delilah." Scarlett greeted her. The shower had taken longer than she had thought.

"In need for special invitation?" Ursula sneered hardly audibly. But what she really felt was not glee but eagerness - one could always learn from what Delilah did. Whatever she did.

She was perfect. The only thing Ursula had difficulty in figuring out was why the brunette girl still wasn't dating Julius - day after day the only thing they did was flirting with each other!

"Hey, how you're feeling?" Julius quietly asked Delilah standing next to him.

"Quite good - refreshed I'd say" Delilah smiled.

'Perfect teeth ...' Ursula thought making a mental note to buy some whitener at the apothecary's when she was interrupted by Nosey. "Would you like to be my partner?" he said grinning broadly.

"No, get lost!" she hissed. Somehow she couldn't be nice to people. Was it because they had friends? Nosey did not seem to be talented in any special way (if you didn't count attracting smell) and yet he was everybody's mate. Strange.

Nosey was indeed one of the nicest guys you could imagine; instead of being angry or disgruntled he kept smiling, shrugged and turned to Julius. "Hi, would you like to be my partner?"

Julius chuckled. "If you don't mind?" he asked Delilah.

'As if they were a couple!'

"Of course not", she smiled. "I have to endure your presence long enough - 365 days a year!"

"Unless, of course in leap years...", commented Julius.

'I can't take it anymore' Ursula sighed rolling her eyes. 'If they don't get together soon I'll have to do something about it myself. Perhaps they'll stop soap opera talk if they're together - or if they find some other partner ...' Occupied with thinking she did not realize Emmet waving at her which was mainly why she was left to be Delilah's partner.

Scarlett showed them new moves and special tricks her self-made electro shocker could perform. Then they were to be practising. "So", Ursula said uneasy. "Let's begin, I'd say."

"Whatever madam pleases. If you don't need a special invitation, of course..."

Opposing each other Delilah aimed like Scarlett told them to. But even before she hit her she fell down on the mat.

It's all too much to take in
I can't hold on

Ursula immediately kneeled down beside her. 'Crap, what's happened?'

"Ursula!" Scarlett's voice echoed through the gym making her look up. The woman fought her way through the shocker-equipped crowd towards her. "What was it this time?"

'It's always the same ...' Ursula thought bitter and got up. 'Whatever is going on they'll always suspect me.'

"I didn't do anything, she was about to attack with the shocker when she all of a sudden stopped and fell down!" she pointed at Delilah's immobile figure lying contorted on the mat.

Delilah did not know where she was ... at first she thought that she was in her bed, feeling a kind of mattress underneath. But then she heard voices ... Julius uttering reproaches and blaming Ursula for something and someone was clutching her wrist. She opened her eyes seeing Scarlett at her side.

"Thank god, kitten, I thought Ursula had stunned you - or worse..." she said clutching the girl to her chest.

The lesson came back to Delilah's mind while, stunned about Scarlett's behaviour, feeling the hug squeezing her.

(to anything watching everything spin)
with thoughts of failure sinking in

"Oh heck..." she whispered into Scarlett's ear. "I couldn't walk properly anymore... everything was blurred and turning around me - a thousand Ursulas around me ..."

"Don't worry, no wonder this knocked you out", Scarlett tried to joke. "But no lesson for you now." She looked at her sternly. "I'll guide you back to your room."

At this Delilah felt her strength restored. "Ain't it embarrassing enough that I just fainted in front of the whole academy out of the blue?" she asked. "Really, don't you dare think I'm not able to take care of myself anymore!"

And with that she left, stumbling, the hall, leaving Julius and Scarlett stunned and concerned.
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