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nearly finding out

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Exhausted from the long run Delilah leant against her door she had just slammed. She wasn't the tough strong Delilah anymore. 'I have to accept it ...' she told herself firmly.

This could not go on like that. Sitting down on her bed she considered her weakness as failing. It just wasn't fair! She brought herself into ridicule and Julius into danger if she continued. She had to face it: missions and exercise in the way she was used to were no longer possible. But the mere thought was simply laughable, staying at the academy without training!

If I/Turn my back I'm defenseless


"What's up with her?" Julius asked Scarlett he had followed into her lab. "I can't understand her!"

Scarlett looked through her microscope at the thoughtful teenager standing in the door with crossed arms. "Can't you? And if you'd please pass me the methyl alcohol, dear."

"I mean", Julius continued. "it's no problem if you show some weakness, isn't it? I don't know why there has to be this unnecessary fuss..."

Scarlett suppressed a laugh. "A man telling us to show emotions! I thought we'd be living on mars before this day would be!"

He reached the alcohol over to her. "Don't get me wrong, you know exactly what I mean. What's up with her? I came to you because I suppose this is some kind of women-stuff."

Scarlett heaved a sigh. She knew she couldn't tell him. This was something between Delilah and Julius. "I'm surprised she didn't tell you, and then again, I'm not. I don't know if I would tell anyone..." she answered measuring the liquid. "She'll tell you if she wants to. I would really appreciate it, I'd have some one else on my side."

"What? What do you mean?" Julius was puzzled. 'It is women-stuff... no matter what she said, whenever you can't tell what's up ...'

"I promised her not to say a word about the matter and I like to keep my word. But" she looked at him. "I won't say too much if I tell you hereby to look after her. I told her she should quit but no ..."

And to go blindly seems senseless


But then, she went over to her bedside table and took some pills from it, what kind of life would she have 'outside'? The academy was her and her friends' home ...

She had to go to hospital soon now. The doctors had said this was quite late but she had wanted to finish the mission with Julius. She could not leave him, not like that!

If I hide my pride and let it all go on

'You shouldn't think that way', she told her again. 'You should concentrate on your health. The doctors know what they're doing, you could go to hospital right now and the therapy and everything else would be more efficient' but this was the point her otherwise very logical way of thinking ended. She didn't want to leave! Why couldn't she continue her wonderful life she had?

Then they'll take from me till everything is gone


"You, you told her to leave?" Julius blurted out. "Why?"
Scarlett avoided looking at him. "I can't tell you. But please, look after her, whenever possible."

"Okay" Julius answered slowly. "I'll find out what's up, just wait."

And fast he ran up the stairs to their dormitories until he reached Delilah's door. He knocked.

"Who's there?"

"It's me, Julius. Can I come in?"

A second later the door opened and they sat down on her bed. "So, why'd you come?" Delilah asked a little nervously.

"I wanted to know whether you feel better now, know what's up..."

Delilah got up. Looking at the wall she said. "Please, don't force me to tell you. I'm not ready yet to tell you. It will change a lot between you and me if you know about it."

If I let them go I'll be outdone
But if I try to catch them I'll be outrun

Julius took a deep breath. "Whatever it is, it already changed a lot between you and me. In case you didn't notice." he added bitter.

Delilah sat down again and took his hand, looking deeply in his eyes. "I'll tell you, but not now. Promise me, Julius, that, whatever happens, you won't take a new partner until I've officially left the academy."

"Yeah, of course. You know you're my only partner. I can't work together with anyone else. No one's like you." Half an hour later he would blush deep red because of this statement. But in this very moment he just said what came to his mind, the truth.

'He knows I'm serious. But he has no clue. He doesn't know how it is to run a race against the clock you know you've nearly lost.' Delilah thought while she hugged her partner.

"You still don't want to tell me, then?" Julius repeated.

She thought for a moment. The thought that she thought too much at the moment came to her mind. Every time he asked this question it was like an arrow piercing her heart. She could keep silent but was this better than simply saying what she wanted to say? He had to know it! But how?

What would he say? Would she be able to talk to him? Would he change and get over concerned like Al and Scarlett?

If I'm killed by the questions like a cancer
Then I'll be buried in the silence of the answer
(by myself)

"Alright, I'll tell you" Delilah began when the door opened and Al appeared.

"Man, there you are! We need to get going, quickly! The doctors have, like, found something!"

so folks, managed to get my hands on a compter. i didn't check anything, I got to leave now ... man I'm glad when I'm back! so, sorry I can't read/review your stories right now, but please keep updating!
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