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the truth is out

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again no time to read, no time to check aything. thanks for ratings and reading, I hope to be reading a lot on friday!

Together with Al and Delilah Julius sprinted to the garage and took the black Porsche standing there. He started the engine and off they went. He heard the two whisper in the back of the car but he didn't understand a singled word they said.

"Al, what's up?"

"I dunno, they just told me to fetch you, that something important is going on and that's all..." Al answered and next second he started to twitch.

"Al?" Delilah was highly concerned but was relieved to see he took a cell phone from underneath his bath robe.

"Damn vibration..." he muttered. "Hello? Yes, I ... no, we're on the way. Well, yes we could.... Julius, the other way! We need to go to hospital, not to the beach! ... yes, I'm still there, sorry. Man, you're serious?"

Julius looking at all through the review mirror was stunned by the grave look on his face.

"Yes, I'll tell her ... no, I don't care if you're sorry! Bye."
Delilah watched Al taking terribly long to put the cell phone safely into a pocket of his bathrobe. Whatever had happened it had certainly appalled him. A lump in her throat she asked. "Al, what did they say?"

Al adjusted his glasses and cleared his own throat. "Delilah, they ... what they found, I thought it was something good ... but ... now..." his voice died away.

Delilah took his hand. "Come on, please, tell me. It can't be that bad."

"It is." Said Al looking at the handsome hand in his own. So small, rangy, weak looking. And yet he knew that this hand was capable to knock out whomever she wanted to. She was strong, no doubt about that. But still ... "You're so young ... you shouldn't have a burden like that on your shoulder... losing your parents, fighting everyday, finding out that you have ..." he suppressed a sob.

Delilah pressed his hand patiently watching Julius drive at fast speed through the city. She thought of Scarlett, they people they helped - she would never forget Ashley's face when they returned Mr. Thomas the strange steel-factory owner and weapon developer to her. It had definitely been worth the delay of the operation.

How do you think/I've lost so much

"Whatever happened, I still had you, Nosey, Scarlett, Julius, the academy. And it can't be anything too bad, as I said. You can tell me, I'm prepared."

"You don't understand, man! This is, like, getting worse than ever!"

Delilah looked at him in a detached way. "You mean I got metastases?"

"Well.. yes! How do yo know?" Al said in despair. "Isn't it bad enough to have cancer? Must they develop those stupid damn ..." Many other words followed doing nothing to Delilah than show how much he cared for her. Like a father.

"What do you do there?" Julius asked from the front of the car. "In the end it's Al we'll need to bring to hospital! Take care of him, De."

He did not know what was going on. Delilah smiled a little. Everything was as it used to be with him. Him making jokes, just as laid back and cocky as ever. In a good way.

"I knew this would come. Sooner or later cancer spreads, and you knew this as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm scared but I was fully aware of the fact that whatever I do there might be some metastases one day, now, next month, next year."

It was a little strange ... to speak comfort at the edge of despair yourself. But what should she do? In the end, if she had to day, it was her leaving Al and the others behind, not the other way round.

I'm so afraid/I'm out of touch
How do you expect/I will know what to do

"You need to do something against it! Stay in hospital right now! They said, they'd inform you about everything, but the sooner the better!"

'Step two' Delilah thought. 'Rebellion against fate.'

"Yes Al, I know that..."

"And you know, we'll always be there for you. What will you do know?"

They had arrived at the hospital and Julius, gentleman, opened the door for her.

"Hm... get out?" she tried a grin but merely twisted her face into a grimace. Everything had worsened much faster than she had thought. And it was up to her now, and the doctors to get over with it as soon as she could. In the end, there was a chance, a ray of light ... there was a chance of surviving, if she was lucky anyway.

"Come on, Delilah" Julius said softly, taking her hand. And in this situation, with him not knowing what was up but that something serious was up, with a sad Al trotting behind them, walking up to the hospital entrance, was the first time they held hands.
sorry guy, this is a bit dramatic I suppose. Will she live? Am I getting "darkish"
I dunno but I hope you'll not murder me for being so ... well, you know ...
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