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They marched across the Entrance Hall towards an office. Julius felt Delilah's hand shaking - there must be much more behind all that than a 'bad case of migraine' that Scarlett had mentioned once.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" a white-dressed nurse asked smiling.

He looked at Al who did not seem to have regained the power over his voice. "We are here to see Dr. Darks." answered Delilah instead.

The nurse looked at a time schedule. "You'll find her in room 314, second floor."

"Thanks", Delilah smiled back and led the others towards a lift.

The doors closed, and there was this horrible silence so often to be found inside an elevator. Only that normally this silence is caused by people who don't know each other.

'First floor', the display read.

"Could please somebody say something?" Julius whispered but no one answered. Delilah looked occupied with her own thoughts, Al seemed very bothered and not up to jokes as usual.

Bling! The lift stopped and they stepped out into a white corridor lit with many frosted glass lamps. Still not saying a word Delilah walked passed some sofas and stopped at a green plant, took a founder from the small table and watered the small palm tree. Tears were in her eyes.

'If I only knew why...' Julius thought feeling the terrible urge to take her in her arms, wipe away her tears, and give her a soft kiss on her forehead.

They reached the door of room 314. Julius knocked and in they went.

"Hello Miss Devonshire, how are you feeling?"

"Conformable to the circumstances ..." Delilah said.

"You look good, please sit down. Al, I don't know but I think you should better wait outside, you look a bit sick. I'll ask for some tea."

Al merely nodded gratefully and went out. Julius still stood in the small room looking around, not knowing whether he should stay or not.

"And the young man, here? Are you related in any means?"

"This is Julius Chevalier, my partner."

Julius was surprised. Had she any feelings for him more than friendship? Normally she would have added: working partner or something like that. But perhaps she was just too confused ...

Dr. Darks nodded. "Well, as we have informed you, we've checked your blood and especially the leucocytes bother us. As we already diagnosed cancer -" but she was interrupted by a loud gasp.

"What?" he looked at the Doctor, then at Delilah. "Why didn't you tell me?"

She said nothing and nodded to tell Darks to continue.

"But as it seems there has been metastasis ..."

But Julius did not hear the rest. He just couldn't believe it. Delilah? Cancer? No, not really! It couldn't possibly be true! Was he asleep and having a nightmare? He pinched his arm ... nothing.

"... and therefore I would think it best if you'd stay in the hospital right now. I did not want you to leave last time but you insisted on your so-called 'island-holiday'."

"You, you came with me to save Mr. Thomas even though you knew you had!" Julius couldn't believe it.

Delilah smiled in excuse. "I did not want to leave you..." she whispered.

Julius remembered her not feeling well, looking worn out ... but he would never have thought that ...

When all I know/Is what you tell me

All of that had happened a week ago. Julius was back at the Academy. Today was Delilah's operation. They had to get rid off that cancer in her brain first. Delilah had been so scared ... the problem was that there was hardly, because of the location of the cancer, any possibility to do something against it than cut it out. The difficulty was to cut enough to stop the cancer from growing and not cut out too much which would, of course, affect the brain's function. The time was pressing: Delilah had had balance impairment and her writing became more lopsided every day.

He had promised to see her and wait until the anaesthesia wore off. Al had given him off for the rest of the month "and then we'll see", he had said.

They had joked a lot at the hospital. About Julius sneaking behind Dr. Darks - a "D" as initial of a doctor's name couldn't be good! They even started the game to ask every nurse whether they had a scalpel with them - they shook their heads, annoyed and started to take the blood pressure.

As if they were at the academy. Naturally, the many cables and monitors were a little intimidating but one got used to everything after a while. This had been his task: keep Delilah away from thinking too much. He had looked for any information he could get. And after all, the chances for a complete recovery weren't bad. If they got rid off those stupid metastases anyway.

At the academy he had finished the report about the rescue mission, something Delilah did usually. He thought of her every minute, awake or asleep... he knew, more than ever that he loved her. But he couldn't risk their friendship right now, not when it was so precious ...

He'd give the report to Al in the car, he and Scarlett had wanted to come along. When he went down the stairs there was a little surprise: Ursula stood there with a bunch of flowers in her hand. "Could you give them to her?" she asked.

"Wow, this is ... ehm ... kind of unexpected." Julius said slowly, completely stunned.

"Don't you dare tell anyone!" she snapped. "Being top agent won't save you if you say a single word!" She turned on her heel, her blonde ponytail bobbing up and down, and out of view.

"You never know..." Julius told himself and smiling slightly went out to the garages.

To Darks,
whose support I'll never forget and I really appreciate

- and hoping you won't sue me for using your name
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