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By Myself 10

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I never thought this would be getting so long!

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Soon they sped down the well-known road to the hospital. As Scarlett was driving Julius looked out of the window, dreaming of times, not overshadowed by a disease no one really knew where it came from. Delilah hadn't even been part of the at-risk-group! He just did not know how this could have happened - sure, it could happen to anyone but there were factors that increased the risk such as radiation, gene-defects and so on. Was it fate?

Julius who had always believed that some higher power meddled in his life because of the hundred times he should already have been dead, refused to think that the situation was meant to be like that. He also preferred an enemy you could look in the eyes but cancer? If someone had hurt Delilah he could have revenged her ...

"So what do you think about it?"

"Me? What? Did you talk to me?" Julius shook his head. "I didn't listen, sorry."

"I see. Never mind, nothing important, man, just, like, the weather." It was raining.

Al had not found it suitable to ask Julius to continue spying so early. But with his best agents missing it got more and more difficult to find people for the assignments. The words had not come easy; he had stumbled, mumbled until he had finally said what he wanted to say. And then Julius had not even listened! He decided to skip this subject. As long as he could.

The had arrived and got out of the car. "Don't forget to switch your cell phones off. There are very delicate gadgetries in here.", Scarlett said.

"Oooh, nearly forgot" Al said looking for his own blackberry when it suddenly ringed. "Yeah?"

Gesticulating he walked a few metres away from them leaving Julius and Scarlett to exchange exasperated looks and to take looks at their watches.

A few minutes later he run back to them, his robe billowing in the wind. "Man, you got to leave at once, it was Sorin!"

Julius raised an eyebrow. "That's that Doctor, isn't it? With the pubescent daughter Ana ... what's up?"

"Boys, I don't want to interrupt you but we must go in, now, Delilah can't wait", Scarlett said, ushering them in.

Delilah was nervous. This was a very dangerous procedure and what was even more: the others took so long. The nurse was already there to guide her down. "Please, another minute?"

"Okay, but only one" she said, watching second hand on the clock.

At that moment the three burst into the room, panting. "Are we on time?" Al asked, leaning forward, his hands on his knees.

"You made it!" Delilah had wanted to be furious but now, seeing them, the only thing she could think of was throwing herself in Julius's arms.

Which she did.

Julius held her tight. Not wanting her to go away, though she must, of course.

Don't you know
I can't tell you how to make it go

"I'm scared", Delilah whispered into his ear.

"Me too", answered Julius quietly. "But there's no other way..."

Delilah loosened her grip. "You're right." She suddenly grinned. "Oh, I hate to have to say this!"

She stepped towards Al and Scarlett, hugging them goodbye.

"You'll be there when I wake up, won't you?"

"Of course", Julius said and, instinctively, kissed her on the cheek.

Comforted, Delilah looked at the nurse. "We can go now." And with a last look at the others, who waved at her smiling she went away.

Half an hour later the mood wasn't so good anymore. They were still at the hospital, sitting on one of those comfy-looking but uncomfortable sofas. Julius was standing now though.

"This can't be true!"

"I know it's sad but that's the way it is!" They were speaking loudly, at a level not suitable for a hospital.

"She told me I should wait for her!"

"Listen, it is important for you now to ..." Al was looking desperately for Scarlett but she had left He felt a tug on his robe.

"Sir, I think you shouldn't -" a nurse said in a soothing voice.

"Man, you're like the sixth! Only because I'm wearing a bathrobe doesn't mean I belong here!"
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