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"Could we please recur to the subject?" Scarlett had returned. "It's a problem, Al. He promised."

"I know, man! But -"

"No 'but', I promised I'd be there when she wakes up, so I'm not leaving this hospital for a scientist who thinks there's something missing!"

Al held back his anger. "We all know you love Delilah, but, and don't say something now about 'buts'!", for Julius had opened his mouth at this tiny word. "but she knows you're an agent, plus there's not something missing but an apparatus has been stolen!"


Al groaned. "I can't send Ursula and Emmet!"

Julius looked up. This made sense.

Scarlett laid a hand on his arm. "The operation will still take five hours, why not take a look at everything and then come back? I tuned a Ferrari 308 last week; you'd be there in no time."

Tempting. And Scarlett knew this.

"Listen, I'd really like to ... but what if I'm late?"

"We'll call you when the operation is over; it'll take some time for her to wake up, enough time for you to come back. " Scarlett said.

Julius nodded defeated but still with a bad conscience.

While Julius cruised along in the red sportster Dr. Darks made a uncomfortable discovery. But, she told herself, it was no use to cry over spilt milk. "Swab!" she commanded.

Al and Scarlett were waiting. And waiting. And after waiting for fifteen hours, after approximately 50 cups of coffee from the grossly overpriced coffee vending machine a nurse walked over to them, no, marched over to them with the typical 'I'm busy'-nurse-paces.

"Miss Devonshire is due to wake up now."

Al who had nearly drooled onto Scarlett's shoulder sprang up. "What, really, where?"

"You still have to wait some time."

Al sank back onto the sofa. "How I hate it..." he thought, resting his head on his hand while Scarlett went out into the night to call Julius.

On the way outside she met a well-known face: Nosey!

"Hey, I thought I'd come around."

"Nice idea ... and who is that dashing girl at your side?" she pointed towards a young woman with a baby asleep in her arms.

"Oh, this is Angelina ... I met her when we were in Vienna. She'd like to talk to Julius; that Klaus you arrested was her fiancé."

Scarlett chocked. "But that's the man that kidnapped ..."

"Mr. Thomas said it had not been him! Isn't a witness saying he's innocent enough?" Nosey asked whirling around as she turned towards an old oak, looking for a better place to call from. Just as she had reached a good spot a strange smell touched her nostrils ... like musk...

"Julius isn't there" she said, shuddering. "But I'm phoning him now; you can talk to him if you want to. And next time, a little less perfume won't do any harm" she added in a whisper.

"Hi Julius? How're things going? Yes, everything's alright so far, you can get going now! And Nosey here still's got a question." she reached the cell phone over to the young spy.

"Hey, Nosey speaking. It's about Klaus, you know, this guy who ... what? I didn't know!"

Scarlett and Angelina looked intrigued.

"Yes, no problem ... no, I'm not depressed. Bye." He hung up. "Bad news, Angel, Julius says they let him go shortly after Thomas had told them that he hadn't anything to do with it. He immediately left Canada." He looked to the floor and feeling her investigating look on his neck added. "For Las Vegas."

Such is life ... drama put side by side - but in the end we have to see that there is still hope and happiness behind all that, we only have to see it.

No man could have been happier than Julius to arrive on time, to be able to step into hospital-smelling room in which lay a extremely pale but alive Delilah. Her eyes were half-open. Anyone else would perhaps have said they were half-closed but for Julius it was certain: she had awoken.

"Hey there" she whispered hardly audibly.

"Hi" Julius sat down next to her and took her hand. "How you're doing?"

Every time Delilah breathed it looked like a fight - but she won every time. "To be true, I don't really know. And you?"

"Happy. Happy to see you. On the other hand I had to tell Angelina that her fiancé left her and her baby for a casino. I can't believe he did that to her. Nosey's with her now. However" he continued, seeing her concerned face. "I'm so glad to see you." He pressed her hand examining the long white fingers. She looked so weak, and with that bandage, those cables. He shuddered involuntarily.

No matter what I do, how hard I try
I can't seem to convince myself why

"I'd offer you my bedcover but I don't think they'd let me" Delilah said under her breath rolling her eyes at the doctors and nurses bustling about in the room. She grimaced, to much motion and she felt still dizzy - rolling your eyes isn't the best movement to make when awaking from anaesthesia.

"What will you do now?" she asked Julius not for the first time realising how much she loved him. He was her reason to fight as hard as she could. They had to have a future.

"Apart from changing into a pullover, you mean?" he said trying not to blink. He knew if he did a tear would roll down his cheek. "Yeah, it seems as if the world has a new problem."


"You remember Sorin? He called Al because someone has stolen a long-time-project of his, something with viruses meddling with DNA. He says it could be more destructive than that freak-DNA-stuff ... Al wants me to go there." he added not meeting her eyes.

"Well, of course, whom else could he take than u..., you! Emmet and Ursula?"

"Ah, speaking of her, the flowers she gave me for you look wonderful, pity I couldn't bring them in here. Tulips." he said, wanting to change the subject.

A short time after that, having let them exchange opinions on flowers the nurses decided it was time for Al, Scarlett and Julius to leave.

Many tears, silent and loud were cried that night mostly because of leaving. Being left Angelina sobbed into Nosey's arm. Not because she missed Klaus (she had realized Nosey was much, much better) but out of rage. How could she have fallen for such a man!
Safe in the darkness of the car when Al took them home Julius finally dared to blink and the tears rolled. Down his cheek, down to the tip of his nose. He left Delilah, he had to do this mission alone. He had never thought this day would come. Would there be other missions waiting for the both of them?

Delilah secreted an aqueous liquid containing lysozyme, lactoferrin ... noted a young medical student on practical work at the hospital revising for his exam. He might know much but he had no idea how she felt, something he still had to learn for his later life. Delilah sniffed before the sleeping pill finally let her fall asleep. Of course, Julius had to walk on ... but still, it made her feel alone after having him around her for such a long time.
I'm stuck on the outside

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