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In The End 1

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one catastrophe follows the other

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Chapter 8: In the End

It starts with

Julius packing. Lost in thought he packed his spacemen underwear into his suitcase and - in lack of reason - a snowsuit, bathing trunks, snowshoes, sunglasses ... does one have to add that he didn't have his wits about himself? Why, one might ask. It was all because of the deep bewilderment and sorrow of this handsome young man.

"This is how it begins" he told the reflection in the mirror when he packed his toothbrush. "No mission with her, for months, perhaps, no seeing her, knowing that she's likely to be in more danger than she used to be in with me." He banged his fist against the glass. "And I'm talking to myself!"

The sun was shining mildly through the hospital window. Delilah felt the warm rays stroking her skin, beginning to dry the tears that lay upon her cheek. Snot and water still ran down her nose. How disgusting. But his was little compared to what she felt growing in her own body. She couldn't bear it, and yet, she had to.

Half an hour ago Julius had bidden her goodbye. But that was only one of the reasons she sobbed heartrendingly. Dr. Darks had seen her just before he had come:

"Hello Miss Devonshire, you you're feeling?" the doctor had asked.
How she loathed this question. Great, fine, excellent, of course! What else was to be expected if one had a part of his brain taken out!

Well, long story short, it was a chat about her stubbornness, her trying to be brave. She felt alone now, like a monster. And she felt betrayed and as if betraying at the same time!

One thing/I don't know why

She had not told Julius, again, even though he had asked her! She didn't want to rob him off his hilarity. But she had robbed him of his trust in her, if he ever found out.

"Thief" she mumbled, clutching her pillow, imagining it was this other cancer growing in her chest.

All she had tried, all the things she went through were for nothing? There was still so much she wanted to do! She had even - structured as she was - made a list:

1. Hawaii: Go surfing with Julius
2. Paris: See Louvre
3. Finally find out the truth about my parents
4. Write a poem
5. Relax for one week
6. ...
7. ...

And so on. But what now? She had not even met Julius eye ... the only person she really trusted! How stupid could one be? With these not at all comforting thoughts sleep overcame her.

It doesn't even matter how hard you try

Luckily there were not many possibilities to think about any of this for the following week, she was much too occupied with therapies, attempts of the hospital's psychoanalyst to make her talk about her feelings, medical care and so on plus the tranquilizers and radical medicine she got. Her brain was in complete blur... and she was thankful for it. Sometimes she even had difficulty in recognizing Al and Scarlett!

Finally everything came back into focus. 'Finally' because there was a small pile of postcards on her bedside table. The subjects were various: sunsets, cities, lakes ... and they had all the same signature: "Love, Julius"

Eagerly she grabbed the stack, sat up in her bed and read:

"Dear Delilah,
I don't want to ask how you're doing. Not too good probably but I hope it works. It's not only me who is thinking of you at all times, but also Ana, I think you'll remember her. She really wants to see you again (I just said that you were not too well) and every day I see that you two have a lot in common. You might find interesting as well that Mr. Sorin got rid of his bushy eyebrows - or, better: Ana got rid off his browy eyebushes!

Ana is about as old as Prosper now, perhaps they should get to know each other? I just got the feeling they might be a really good team! But I know, you're better at such emotion-stuff than me, so, perhaps you'll get to judge the situation.

Speaking of Prosper: she phoned me when she failed to call you. She was so worried that I told her you were in hospital. I told her not to disturb you, and I know she'll do as I ask her. If you don't mind her visiting I'd advise you to call her, she's missing you a lot.

So am I. And this postcard is coming to an end.


Fighting the tears Delilah's face split into a wide smile. And all the doctors could make out was a decided improvement in their patient's condition.
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