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In The End 2

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paper doesn't blush

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The other postcards didn't contain a lot, it was mostly about him researching, talking about what he did, no matter if it was shopping, having dinner or playing billiard with Ana. When Delilah read the cards it almost felt as if he was there. She had asked the nurses to pin them to the wall so she could see them all when she woke up - awaking had to offer some incentive and this was the best she could get.

The card she liked most and which she kept repeating like a mantra was:

Keep that in mind/ I designed this rhyme

"Never forget I'm coming back to you
As soon as I can, no matter how
I'll do everything I must go through
To do this I make a vow.

- please, don't give up. I know you can do this.

P.S.: Sorry if it's a bit cheesy, it just came to my mind."

She had also asked for a paper and a pencil to write back to him. This was her first try:

"Dear Julius,

I'm so glad about your cards. You don't know how much they mean to me, they outbid any gold you could offer me, especially in a situation like this.

I just have to tell you, and beforehand: I'm sorry, but I have a mammal carcinoma, in my right breast to be precise. The thing they took out of my head was just the metastases! And in all the trouble about it I forgot the discomforts in my chest. At first I thought it was because of the corset I had to wear and after the bullet I got those strong painkillers, so ...

The doctors think it might be necessary to remove the cancer by surgery, which means they might probably take away greater parts of my br -"

to explain in due time

She stopped, she just couldn't do that. The paper was thrown into the basket and another sheet of paper was garnished with her again neat writing.

"Dear Julius,
luckily you aren't here at the moment, it's quite boring in here! Thank you for your many postcards, I'm sorry about not having answered them yet, but there were things to be done, I know you'll understand.

They've taken the bandage off and now I'm freezing! You know, they had to shave off a lot of my hair for the surgery... I can't stand caps so I'll be looking for a wig with Nosey and Angelina. This is going to be a lot of fun, a pity you won't be here. I think I might try blonde and red, what do you think about it?

I'll be calling Prosper as soon as I can get near a phone, at the moment there isn't one in my room (I would have called you, if) and obviously I can't call anyone from a switched off cell phone. I miss her a lot as well; she's something like a little sister to me. Please send Ana my love, perhaps we'll be meeting sometime?
My love to you as well, of course,


Considering that she hadn't been able for a long time to couch in terms any thought she had, this was not a bad beginning she told herself when she gave the letter to Scarlett to send it away. And she had not lied a single time! Nosey and Angelina wanted indeed to go looking for a wig. It was a little strange, but what else could she do?

Julius sat at the table in Sorin's big kitchen and ate a doughnut. Considering everything he had found out so far in the last week it wasn't much: some fingerprints but nothing known, some damage caused in the lab, a smashed window; that was all. Ana entered the room. "You got mail!"

He jerked around. "Who?"

"Delilah", Ana answered smiling and waved a white envelope.

Julius snatched and read it, smiling and looking worried at the same time.

"So?" Ana asked impatiently. "What does she write?" When Julius didn't reply she stood on tiptoe behind his back and managed to read the last two sentences.

"Oh, that's nice! Greet her back, will you?"

"Of course..." Julius said still thinking about the wig. It must have been a self conquest for Delilah to write this. He knew her ... and as all women she surely wasn't keen on being bald.

"Hey, why do you look so bothered? She's sending you her love! So you finally hooked up?"

Julius blinked as he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "We what?"

"Hooked up! You're sending postcards every day, she's writing back, you think of her every single minute, I'm sure of it!"

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