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In The End 3

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Julius gulped. "I'm not saying I don't have any feelings for her -"

"HA!" said Ana. "I knew it!"

"- but I doubt she feels the way I do. Plus she's very busy at the moment."

Ana rolled her eyes. "What is it? Can't be so pressing ... if it was a big mission you'd be there to help her. So what?"

He didn't look at her as he answered through pressed lips: "That's classified."

He finally made some progress when he took a closer look at the stone that had smashed the window. It was basalt. He sent a little of it to Scarlett hoping she could find out where it came from. Then he went back to Sorin who tried to explain the details of the machine that had been stolen to him.

Not that Sorin was boring - but he missed the action. Normally Delilah was best-informed and explained the necessary stuff in no time. And now he sat here, listening and listening trying to find out the important things about all that.

"... so, these are the basics. Are you still listening?" Julius merely nodded. "I'll better not ask how much of it you've taken in ..."

"More than you think ... so I suppose with it it is possible to change every gene you discovered so far in the way you want to?"

"Astounding", Sorin answered. "You have more wit than I would have thought you had." Julius shrugged. "But apart from that: I see you're distracted. Why?"

"Apart from wanting to be rude: could we now discuss the apparatus?"

Sorin sighed. "As you wish. But if you want to talk ..." he stopped at the look Julius gave him. 'A lost man' Sorin told himself before he shook this thought off his mind. "So, you know my daughter likes to cause physic pain - she ripped out more than half my eyebrows! A more painless way to, let's say, improve my 'look' would be if ..."

Half an hour later Julius's blackberry beeped. "Hi Scarlett, what's up?" Julius said looking concerned.

"Don't be so tense, everything's all right. I took a closer look at this stone." Scarlett said.

"So? Where does it come from?"

"Greece. About the region where the wolves came from, remember this castle in Luxembourg?"

Julius stood up involuntarily. "What? Did you talk to Emmet and Ursula?"

"Yes but ... ah, you know them. I'll talk to all about it. You don't have any other clue, have you?"

"No, nothing. What about the usual suspicious characters at the moment?"

Delilah lay in her room. It was midnight but she couldn't sleep. A letter from Julius had arrived. A whole letter!

"Dear Delilah,
It is terrible to see how much time is passing and how little I found out about it. I'm sure together we would do better. Which is not the only reason I miss you, of course, but still it pains me how long I take.

All I know
Time is a valuable ting

Together with Scarlett I found out that the origin of this theft is in Greece, as was this wolf-thing, mineralogy and a comparison of fingerprints helped. What's more, our favourite trouble-makers are in Greece as well! Apart from Dismay of course, who is still in prison. You see, I come along but not soo much. We agreed on sending Ursula and Emmet, perhaps they'll be able to find something out, I do hope so.

In the meantime I'm coming home. I'm really happy about it, all this DNA-nonsense all the time. Speaking of DNA: we need to talk about that! If the only reason for your cancer is a genetic defect Sorin might be able to do something about it once we have that apparatus back.

I can't wait to get it back; everything will be as it was before and we can finally kick some villain's ass together!

In the meantime, bear up,


P.S.: Could you please remind Al to read my report about our last mission? I keep telling him, but he won't listen! It probably really sucks but he has at least to read the rubbish I took great pains to write!"

So, he was coming back. She clutched the letter to her chest, a last hope! But how long would it take? The cancer could take over every part of her body if she waited! How she loathed this Anoitos or however he was called. He had not just stolen a machine but her time!

Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day

Morning was dawning. Scarlett and Prosper came to see her. The girl had been concerned about Delilah's condition but somehow they had managed to act as if she had just a broken arm.

"Morning! Great weather, isn't it?" Prosper came in and opened the curtains. A warm light filled the room, illuminating the white paper of the letter. Curious both the visitors looked at it, at the dreaming expression on Delilah's face, then at the wall covered with postcards.

"Looks as if you two finally hooked up!" Prosper said, leaping a little for joy.

Delilah suppressed a fake laugh, or, better: acted as if she wanted to laugh at this statement.

"No, he's just a friend! We didn't ..." her voice died away and for a moment she let the illusion of being together with Julius flood her mind.

But reality always comes back quickly.

The clock ticks life away

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