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In The End 4

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alert: high 'sucking-potential'

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Julius took his jacket from the sofa where he had laid it down while talking a last time to Sorin - privately of course, he did not want Ana to overhear anything that had something to do with Delilah. "So, this is where I leave you." he told the girl.

"What?" She screwed up her face in incomprehension.

"You heard me", Julius smiled who did not want to leave her behind, but his want to return was too pressing to be ignored.

"Why would you want to leave now? My father says you're understanding a lot, but that there's still so much left for you to learn so why quit? Apart from going away to marry Delilah." she added winking.

"Oh, please..."

"You're not very quick on the trigger today!" She put her arm through his and guided him to the door. "It's alright, I'm not offended by your leaving ... and anyway Ashley wanted to come and see me today, so you'd just be in our ways - girls' ways you know..." She smiled and he knew she was serious. "But be warned, I'll come to see you one day. And I want to become bridesmaid, have a word with Delilah, will you?"

Julius looked at her half-shocked half-amused. "I'll tell her if, and if, not when, she calls the banns to marry someone." He opened the door a little. They hugged goodbye and opening the door completely he ran into someone he knew quite well ...

It's so unreal
Didn't look out below



"It's Julius", Ana intervened. "You know each other?"

"We met in Vienna" Ashley explained. "Me, him and Daphne. How is she?"

"Quite good. You father?" He did not want to lie but how would it sound: 'No, not at all, she has had a brain cancer but otherewise it's okay?'

"I thought I'd meet him here, he did not arrive yet as it seems..." Ashley said entering the room and sitting down on the sofa. Ashley went to get something to drink.

"You lost him again?"

"No, actually Justus, it's not a sport of mine to lose my father. I told him I'd like to see Ana and he wanted to come along because one of his scientists is coming here quite often praising Mr. Sorin to the skies..."

"Mr. Sorin is making weapons?" Julius was too astounded by this fact to correct the name.

"No, he just gives the know-how to invent weapons that affect the DNA. It's quite tricky: the bullet dissolves and leaves nothing but a little hole."

Something clicked inside Julius's head. The man smashing their breakfast cup. It had been a trap! They had dashed outside, Delilah got shot ... with a bullet no one had been able to find and now she had cancer!

"I need to go" he said and was off.

Ashley nearly dropped the tea tray. "Now, that was quick."

Julius made straight for the Ferrari not noticing the luggage he left behind. Perhaps he did but quickly decided it didn't matter. Immediately he switched on the headset and dialled Scarlett's number.

Watch the time go right out the window

"Hi honey, I just came back from Delilah, I..."

"One second, Scarlett. That revolver Thomas had on the island ... what did you check?"

"Fingerprints, which were only Delilah's of course, DNA, metal ... lots ... why do you want to know?"

"It's all connected! Just tell me, did you, did you find out where it was produced?"

There was a pause and rustling of paper. "Ehm, ah, the report, here ... I see, there was ... a yes, right, a signature reading something in something undecipherable and a location: Volos."

Julius considered for a moment. "Where exactly is that? Doesn't sound very common ..."

"It's in Greece ..."
Julius sighed audibly. "So?"

"326km from Athen, name's origin probably Iolkos ..."

At the mention of "name" something made Julius think feverently. Anoitos ... he just wanted to wind them up ... he wasn't serious ... this name was picked on purpose but not because it was Greek ...

"Vol is the French name for theft!"

He heard Scarlett sigh. "Yes, child, but what do you want with that revolver now? Does it really matter? It's over, you wrote the report!"

Julius nearly missed ramp to the motorway, the brakes squealed.
"Julius?" Scarlett asked tentatively.

"Everything's alright. I'll be at the hospital as soon as I can and tell you and Delilah."

"You can't talk to Delilah at the moment, she's in the Operating Room."

This time Julius failed crashing into the truck in front of him because he had stepped so vigorously on the gas. "Howwhatwhy? Has anything happened? Why didn't you tell me?"

"But his was a settled day because of the metastases..."

Julius continued driving as before and didn't crash but his heart felt as if it would every second now, shatter in thousand tiny smithereens.

Trying to hold on/But didn't even know

"Julius, are you still there..?"

Why hadn't Delilah told him? No word about it... He had thought she was getting well! Everything had had a little touch of ... being perfect in a certain way. Everything had already been nearly alright. And it wasn't. He tried hard to focus, everything blurred.


Julius's eardrums nearly burst. The only reason he knew for that this had not happened was that he heard Scarlett say: "Al, why do you have to scream like that?"

Someone panted in the background. "Is that Julius? I need to talk to him about that report!"

sorry guys... I took so long to update (which was, to be true, not my fault!), and then it's something like that. I really don't say so because I want some one to tell me it doesn't suck, it just is my opnion. I wrote that chapter combatting fatigue I really can't assess it in any way.
There's a lot of 'here and there' and new persons and stuff and I know one shouldn't do that. But if you like theatre-like writing you might like it.

you guys wrote really a lot! I'm keen on reading but first I must get some sleep I'm just so tiiiired... yawns
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