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In The End 5

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addiction to gambling just doesn't pay off

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Julius just heard the panting, then he recognized he had driven into a dead zone. What had happened to Al? He put on some extra speed - special features from Scarlett were priceless - and hoped he'd arrive in time to prevent whatever was troubling Al...

He didn't even bother to park carefully, got off the car directly in front of the academy's entrance and sprinted to Scarlett's office. He feared the worst - everything seemed to go bad and worse at the moment. He was breathing heavily himself when he opened the door, prepared for everything that awaited him behind it.

Or so he guessed.

Al looked completely decomposed kneeling in front of a computer. A tear dripped down his nose but when he looked at Julius storming in it was clearly a tear of rage. He rose burning up with anger. What was most shocking about his appearance: he did not wear a bathrobe. It lay torn on the floor.

"Why?" Al asked breaking down again.

"Why what?" Julius asked and felt Scarlett tugging at his sleeve. Al needed the space to bump with his fist on the floor.

"One hun-dred-nine!" He slammed his hand on the carpet with every syllable. "The countdown on that island, it was to explode at 109!"

Julius crossed his arms. Why had he been driving so fast? Because of a wrong number? "Well, that's what the report says."

Wasted it all just to

Al seemed to get a grip on himself, got up and got himself up; he composed his shirt and trousers and looked more professional - much to Julius's relieve who had feared for Al's sanity.

"You know I've been a spy myself for some years myself", he began. "And then we started the academy ... I got to know a lot of villains' mistakes that ruined their plans. And I made a list of them with hints what we could do if we were forced to manage things better."

Julius was overcome by a sense of foreboding.

"For example that they can't work in teams. So the only thing we can do is to team up. Quite simple but those blockheads just never seem to understand. Actually I was writing 'Tips for Villains' or something of that kind."

"And now they got their hands on it?"

Al shook his head. "We don't know yet. That 109 was a kind of warning, thus that ridiculous bomb, man. Scarlett" he swallowed. "Scarlett has been right" The woman just couldn't suppress a smug smile. "The many internetgames I played and the fact that I switched off the shield have possibly something to do with the robbing of §78 'Countdown'."

Julius shook his head. How should anyone be able to cope with that stuff? Al, Anoitos, Delilah ... and, speaking of her... "Scarlett", he demanded. "When can I see her?"

She understood immediately about which person he was talking. "The doctors say she needs a little rest right now but everything went alright, I assure you, honey."

The young man was already out of the room.

She turned to Al. "Shall I call the tailor?"

Al shook his head and gripped the remains of the bathrobe. "Sure, he knows me quite well in meantime... not astounding, after 302 bathrobes... but I was very attached to this one. Do you have a sewing machine?"

Smiling Scarlett shook her head. "No, big man, but a needle." she added with a broad smile.

Delilah awoke in her bedroom. At the hospital, that is. She knew the room quite well by now and she felt the presence of somebody. No nurse, no doctor; that was sure because these would just hurry hither and thither. As she didn't feel a lot like talking to Al, Nosey, Scarlett or Prosper she just opened one eye enough to see the outlines of the person.

Someone was sitting on a chair near her bead, leaning forward, elbows on his knees. She blinked a little and everything came into focus. Involuntarily she flinched. Julius! At first she wanted to get up at once, hug him, maybe even give him a kiss on the cheek, thank him, savouring every detail of the so-long-not seen face... then she felt a light breeze from the open window that blew the curtains. Even though it was a warm day she was freezing.

Her hair! She had not yet been able to get a wig, she was naked! And Julius was with her in this same room! She concentrated hard not to blush. Luckily, she thought, he doesn't look at me and took a deep breath.

This must have caught Julius's attention. He looked up at her, rose from his chair and walked over to the bed. There he stood for a while and Delilah did not dare to squint one more time.

She heard him move and by the warm breath by her ear she could tell he was kneeling. His left hand reached for hers and rested on the bedcover.

"Why don't you ever tell me ..." he whispered. "You know I'm always there for you. You have always been there for me. I'm sure we'll find a way because without you I feel halved... you really are my other half, no, my better half. I only wish you could help me now... I have to do researches and you're so much better at it than I am ... and the villains know now how to seize power. We have to prevent this and it hurts me not to be able to say goodbye to you. I don't know where, when or if we'll ever see again but ... I hope it's soon."

A pair of raw lips brushed her forehead. "Bye, darling, I'm back as soon as I can." He said. The grip on her hand loosened, she heard steps and a door being closed, then someone blowing his nose on the corridor.

Watch you go
I kept everything inside and even though I tried/It all fell apart

She reached for the drawer of her bedside table to get a handkerchief. While she rummaged for it her hand closed on a tiny item she carried everywhere with her even though it lost its immediate use right now. Her hand closed firmly on it.

'He didn't mind what I look like ... it's astounding, so irrational...' She smiled. 'He never wanted to be that grown up.'

What it meant to me/Will eventually/Be a memory/Of a time when

She suddenly realised she was thinking about him in past tense. How could she!? Was it all over?

I tried so hard

Her grip tightened until the bobby pin cut into her flesh.

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