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In The End 6

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The nurse that came next morning didn't ask any questions about the blood on the bedcover. She changed it, took care of Delilah's hand and left closing the door softly to report the story to the doctors.

'If they're interested' she thought. 'It's not that uncommon. I wonder though why it had to be a bobby pin... I mean, she's bald...'

This was what Delilah examined in the mirror. Stroking her hairless skull, she noted the rings under her eyes, lines of worries around her mouth. 'No laughter lines' she thought and saw that her lips were pursed. So tense since the moment she had gotten up. Her scalp looked like a little like a designer stubble.

And got so far

Suddenly she was angry. Hadn't she fought like mad? Hadn't she tried to keep Julius away from worries and sorrow? She had. And with what result? Julius was deeply concerned, she had no hair and had aged. Everything was going down the tube!

But in the end
It doesn't even matter

Everything she had worked on... became, pop, thin air. It wasn't fair...! She gripped the sink tightly. What could she do against this? With every day in this silly hospital that did not give her anything but pain and loss her body was weakening. She sank to her knees, feeling useless.

Julius tried to hum a happy air in the plane which brought him to Greece but failed. No matter what melody he chose, it became minor after a few measures. Thoughts were hunting him... thoughts about Delilah, his life, the academy and that it all seemed senseless in the end.

I had to fall
And lose it all

All of a sudden another tune mingled with his own. It was his blackberry. "Hey Ursula."

The voice at the other end sounded a little smug. He didn't see Ursula's concerned face. "Finally you stopped your joyride on that Ferrari, Julius... you know the petrol is not exactly becoming cheaper everyday... "

"Could we please change the subject? Phoning isn't exactly getting cheaper everyday."

This time Ursula grinned indeed. "Of course, sweetheart... I'm in Athen at the moment, in front of the acropolis to be exact, it's wonderful sight ... and before you'll interrupt me, we have clue: some DNA-samples have been stolen from the hospital's lab. We already sent Scarlett everything those blokes from the forensic unit left but - Emmet, no, don't!" A wail of sirens was to be heard. Ursula continued screaming into the phone: "But it's not much, I dunno how much we will find out! We'll see you two in Volos, we must get going now, Emmet wanted to take a souvenir with him - just a pebble to me, but okay. Bye!"

Julius hung up. Emmet and Ursula ... he had never known the day would come that he envied them but this day was today. They worked as a team whereas he ...

"Hey, what did she want? Why did she scream at you?" Nosey asked looking at him curiously.

But in the end it doesn't even matter

Julius smiled. No, he was not alone. Nosey was the best friend one could have, always cheering him up. "Nothing, she and Emmet are messing up as usually" he said as casually as he could and leant back. There was hope, there was a trace. And Nosey had a nose for hints, like in Vienna.

"As if they'd ever done a clean job" Nosey grinned. "If you want to I can fly the whole way to Volos, you look a little tired, mate."

Julius nodded and leant back closing his eyes. Although it was summer Nosey hummed 'We wish you a merry Christmas' all over and over again and to his own surprise it didn't annoy him but made him very sleepy. It should be as late as in eight hours' time that Nosey would wake him up to the blinding Greek sun.

"Sorry, we're there. How you're feeling?"

Julius blinked and rubbed his eyes. There was nearly nothing a good night's (or day's) sleeping couldn't do. "Just give me some villain's asses to kick and they won't be able to sit for a month!"

Nosey chuckled. "That's the Julius I know. Come one, let's go ass-hunting!
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