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In The End 7

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A cry echoed through the hotel in Volos.
"Ehhhhhhmmeeeheeet!" No need to tell that Ursula was really annoyed.

"What?" he answered, bewildered.

"I know there are many girls out there who wouldn't say so but I do: Stop it!"

Emmet's lower lip started to shake, he blinked, swallowed, then said: "So you don't like me playing puppet show to illustrate our assignment?" It had been his hobby ever since his older brother had stolen his remote control racing car.

Ursula grinned satisfied. "I didn't think this would penetrate your dumb head but yes: I don't want you to, we need to concentrate!"

"But", Emmet began, playing with two puppets representing Julius and Delilah and bumping there heads together. "Scarlett didn't answer yet ... must be difficult."

Ursula sighed and snatched the puppets away from the lad. "For once you're right. I'll call her. And no puppet playing in the meantime!"

Emmet sighed but nodded. There were not many things he wouldn't do for this woman. In fact there were a lot and he would do much for every woman (if ever he could lay eyes upon one) but in a way Ursula was special, always there to avert his many mistakes.

Ursula dialled the lab's number. "Hey Scarlett, did you -"

"Oh, hey, kitten. I'm so happy it's you..."

'What?' Ursula thought. This was very new to her... "What's up, you sound distressed?"

"Ah, I feared it was the nurse; it's Delilah, she -"

"I thought she was getting well?"

"Ah, she is but ... the nurse reported that she was hurting herself with a bobby needle. Her body is recovering quite well but if something doesn't happen soon there will only be stagnation and decay." Scarlett sounded exasperated. Ursula was shocked to hear this, not because of Delilah but because of Scarlett: Imagine the highly motivated and cheerful woman sunk down in a chair!

"It is not as though we didn't try ... Prosper also managed a few smiles and even laughter ... but the moment we're gone she'll just ruminate and this is ... frazzling me out."

During the pause that followed Scarlett must have realised that she was baring her soul to no one less then Ursula for she started talking in a more casual and common way: "So, what did you want? What can I do for you?"

"The report about the stolen DNA?" Ursula helped.

"Ah yes... you'll have it in a bit, nothing special but perhaps you'll find it useful."

"Thank you..." But Scarlett had already hung up.

How annoying! It was all Delilah here and Delilah there; no one seemed to work properly anymore! Julius, Scarlett, Al ... not to mention the loss of Delilah's qualities... she had to do something about it!

"So?" Emmet asked. "What's up?"

"Everything that's not lying" Ursula answered grinning maliciously. "And we'll have a result very soon. If you'd please close the door from outside now; I need to call someone else. Out!"

Grudgingly Emmet left the room. But he didn't close the door. A little gap was enough for him to listen.

Ursula dialled Julius's number.

One thing/I don't know why
Doesn't even matter how hard you try

Julius's cell phone rang. "It's Ursula", he told Nosey and both of them rolled their eyes. "Yes?"

"Julius, my dear, we need to talk." Ursula was still playing with the puppets, banging their plastic heads together.

His eyes kept rolling. This girl was up to no good. "And what would that be?"

"About ..." Frantically she looked for a subject still playing. The Delilah-Puppet had a little ding in the head. She hit it with the Julius-Puppet's head and it disappeared. Bumping, dinging, hitting and everything was perfect. Painful but perfect. "About the weather."

"Ah, so sorry, but I don't really care. Did you hear anything about the DNA?"

"Perhaps about racing bikes?" Ursula suggested.

"I'd love to, Ursula, but I just don't get it: What are you up to? We are supposed to..."

'Strike!' Everything she needed! Triumphing she jumped and hit her desk. "Ouch!"

"What's happened? Are you alright?" Julius was anxious. If anyone of them failed Delilah was lost for sure.

"Nothing, nothing I just wanted to tell you that the report is due to arrive. Emmet will get you at the airport. Pity you don't have that chauffeur of yours anymore ... what was the name ... Delilah?"

As a matter of prudence she held the phone at arm's length. Otherwise she would have suffered a sudden hearing loss.

"Stop talking like that about Delilah!" he bellowed and he hung up.

'If he knew ...' Ursula grinned again. 'he would not believe it...'

Keep that in mind/I designed this rhyme

A little cutting and everything would be perfect... perhaps she should document it to avoid lawsuit in the future?

To remind myself how

Emmet however was still uneasy. He had to leave the room ... she was talking at low voice to a male, this could only mean one thing: she had a boyfriend!

I tried so hard

"Emmet!" he heard her scream. So she had not forgotten him! Smiling broadly he entered the room.

"Get Nosey and Julius at the airport, will you?"

He merely nodded and closed the door. From outside the room.
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