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In The End 8

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As soon as Emmet had closed the door Ursula rolled up her sleeves and grabbed some of Scarlett's gadgets ... they were useful in a way the academy would not have imagined ... and because she felt like it she shook her hair, laid back her head and gave one of these villains' laughs that made you shiver.

"Hm... that could be fun, too... I like it!" She said and hopped over to her bed in quest of an outlet.

Emmet was in the meantime driving through the city, too fast and acting as if he always had the right of way. He was in a really bad mood. Julius ... it had to be Julius - he had seen his name on the display. And now he had to get them at the airport!

It was easier than Ursula would have thought ... cut a little here, a little there, combine it and tadah! the perfect Delilah-saving-method was developed. Proud of herself she decided it was time for another call. Nosey first. He knew the two best and it was good to be able to say it was all arranged between them. And in case he liked her plan - and she was sure he did - she would give Delilah the scare of her life.

Delilah looked out of the window. They sky was grey and she was grateful for it. Blinding light caused pain to her eyes and rain made her feel sadder than she did anyway. She put a walnut on the windowsill - the squirrel was due to arrive now. She had cottoned up to it to have someone to tell everything she felt. Julius wasn't there anymore, Prosper was just too young, Scarlett already looked most concerned and tense when she entered the room and Al ... well, he was Al and she didn't feel like 'surfin the greatest wave of your life' or something like that.

"Hey there, Justus" This was what she called him. "I got a big nut for you to crack."

The squirrel sat on a twig of an oak that reached the windowsill and came soon nearer when it saw the nut. Justus looked at her with big eyes and approached her until he was near enough to get the nut. He didn't run away of course. This human would give him another nut if he cracked the first one there and listened to the strange noises it made. And squirrels are not as stupid as one might think!

In spite of the way you were mocking me

That was a little of what Delilah feared could be Justus' thoughts. She shook the thoughts of her mind, rolled the nut over to him and even patted with her weak fingers his small head. It was used to it she had done this ever since she was at the hospital though it became harder everyday to get up. And if it hadn't been of Justus she wouldn't leave the bed anymore.

A second, and even a third nut followed. The fourth - and Delilah had decided she mustn't give Justus more than that - was taken between the small sharp teeth and carried away down the oak and into the hospital's park.

"See you tomorrow!" Delilah called after him and went over to her bed past the sink, glad she had concealed the mirror with one of her shirts. She didn't need them anymore; all she wore these days were nightgowns and dressing gowns.

There was a knock on the door and a nurse appeared. "There is someone on the phone", she said, reaching over a wireless telephone.

Fighting the desperate hope it would be Julius Delilah nodded. "Hello?"

"Oh hi Delilah, how nice to hear you!" Ursula said in a sicking sweet voice.

"Hi Ursula" Delilah answered, trying to conceal her disappointment. "Thank you for your tulips, they were wonderful."

"Ah, no matter! You see, we're nearly relatives now, so -"


"Oh, didn't he tell you? Juls, darling, how could you!" Ursula called talking to someone near her. Delilah's heartbeat nearly stopped. No, this could not mean that ... a voice was to be heard from Ursula's room.

"Yes? What's up?" It was Julius' voice!

"You didn't tell her we ..." That was Ursula.

"I love you, Ursula but we are supposed to ..."

"Ah, of course, we need to check that assignment", Ursula said, sounding important. "I just thought it would be nice to tell Delilah ..."

"Stop talking about her; I don't really care about Delilah!" Julius' voice was angry. Delilah nearly passed out. It couldn't bet true ... this must be a misunderstanding!

Ursula was back on the phone. "Oh, I'm so sorry Delilah, but -" She was sneering, Delilah knew it. "we need to go, now. Pity with your illness. Long absent, soon forgotten, you know. And he's such a smart guy ... but what do I tell you, you know that, of course. Well, see you some time ... Christmas at the very latest, or some time next year?"

Delilah simply hung up and went over to the sink to throw up the little she had eaten today.

Satisfied Ursula leant back in her chair. It had not been easy to convince Nosey but in the end he had agreed: Julius would think - in the end at least - the same way: either it would kill Delilah which she would do anyway if she continued like that or she would fight and live. There was nothing to lose!

Emmet had arrived at the airport and spotted soon Nosey and this hated, arrogant Julius. Nosey was talking to someone on the phone and waved at him while Julius got their luggage. Emmet walked over to him just as he hung up. 'Ursula' said the display.

"What's up?" Emmet asked curious.

"Ah, nothing ... it was just because of Julius." Nosey replied.

Emmet didn't talk much as he drove back to the hotel and was relieved to be back in his room. Checking the door was shut he dialled the number of Delilah's hospital.

The wireless phone rang again. 'Unknown' the display said. Delilah gulped and hoped she didn't have to throw up again, gall bladder just tasted terrible. "Hey there?"

"Delilah? Is that you?", Emmet said at a low voice.

She was exasperated. This guy was the last thing she needed at the moment. "Yes, it's me. What do you want?"

"It's because of Ursula ... she, crap, there is a conspiracy ... Ursula apparently wants to hook up with Julius..."

"She did", said Delilah sounding bitter and this was not because of the gall. "I'm sorry for you but I can't help you. Neither can you help me."

Emmet sobbed. "But you're the only one who can persuade Julius to stop! You must get here as soon as you can! You know him! And I ... I love Ursula."

Delilah couldn't help it. "What?" She snorted into the phone.

"Yes" Emmet answered firmly. "She's wonderful. And I'll do everything to have her back. That's why I'm calling you."

Delilah thought for a bit. That sad young man with bad choices had called her for help ... After thinking all the time she was no use to anyone this was her chance. He needed help and she wouldn't deny it.

"Alright, I'll help you. But it will still take some time."

"Doesn't matter!" Emmet sounded as if he was the happiest man in the world. "Take as long as you need, but please, help me." He made a little pause. "And, if you don't manage ... do you think, maybe, we two...?"

"You wish. Certainly not." Her wry sense of humour was coming back, she could feel it. Slowly but definitely. It was high time to step out of the cancer's shadow ...

Acting like I was part of you property
Remembering all the times you fought with me

She hung up. She had two good reasons now to recover as soon as possible and regain her strength: to get Julius back and to keep Emmet away from her. The two needed to be separated! And hadn't she sworn to herself to keep Julius away from trouble and sorrow? So she needed to get him away from Ursula!

An energy floated through her she had thought she had lost. Full of emotion, love, hatred, dynamism she dialled the number of the directory information. "Hello? Yes, you can help me ... I'd need to know ..."

so guys, we have her back!
Sorry the chapter was so long I just thought it had to happen in this one, I don't know why ... so, here you are, I hope you like it :) Thanks for reading!
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