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In The End 9

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It was six o'clock in the morning. The post office van stopped at the hospital, this time not only filled with a thousand 'Get-well'-cards and bunches of flowers but some ten items in cardboard boxes as well. 'Devonshire Delilah' was written on them.

Three hours later another van parked in exactly the same spot containing similar packages.

At twelve o'clock a messenger set aside his bike near the entrance making a few people stumble over it.

It was about tea-time when the phone at the reception desk rang - someone asked whether or not they could get a delivery confirmation for some parcels.

At half past five the nurse had a nervous breakdown and was immediately sent to the intensive care unit.

Another person was collapsing that night, Delilah. After a good workout she sank back on her bed to jump up the next moment to go to have a shower.

She was certainly not well-conditioned but how could you after lying in bed for such a long time and being ill? In fact, and she knew it, it was not well and truly over but now that she had an aim, she was much more motivated and felt better. How could she have lived a single day without the academy's fitness training? Luckily you could order by phone ... dumb bells and step machines and ...

She didn't think so much anymore ... one day had been enough to distract her finally.

I'm surprised
It got so (far)

Prosper and Scarlett were surprised to find another nurse at the reception desk next morning and went to visit Delilah. Prepared as they were for Delilah's pale face in the white bed's sheets they nearly keeled over at not seeing her in the room that looked like a fitness center's junk room.

"Perhaps they moved her to another ward?" suggested Prosper.

"They would've told us", Scarlett answered not believing what she saw.

"One sec, please, I'm in the bathroom!" A voice called from behind the tiny room's door so different from the faint one they had heard for the past few weeks.

Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore

If their wide eyes would have been able to get any wider they would have. The Delilah that walked over to them looked so different ... and it was not only the missing hair hidden beneath a nifty scarf.

Not that you knew me back then


"Nosey, are you serious?" Julius was shouting at the top of his lungs not caring about the other guests in the hotel and making his friend retreat to the wall.

"I ... thought it best to ..."


"... agree." Nosey continued with a thin voice preparing himself and ducking his head.

Instead of hitting him Julius sank down on a chair in their hotel room. "Ursula ..." He sighed. Seeing his friend so devastated Nosey approached him carefully patting his shoulder.

"Mate ..." he began but Julius roughly pushed his hand away. What if he and Ursula had just forfeited Delilah's life?

"I need to be alone" he said before hastily leaving the room.

But it all comes back to me

The only trouble is that as a spy you are never alone ... never.


"What?" Delilah nearly fell over a yoga mat because she was laughing so hard. "Is it looking that terrible?" She plucked at the scarf. "I thought I'd ..."

"No, you look ... great!" Prosper who had rallied first said.

Scarlett was busy wiping away the tears of joy in her eyes. "Welcome back, kitten."

Delilah made the way back to her bed and sat down on it cross-legged. "Yep, it was a long time. But I'm back, finally." Her face spread into a wide smile but suddenly she screwed up her face.

"What's up? Delilah!" Prosper was at her side in no time.

But she laughed. "It's nothing! Just sore muscles... it might sound strange but - I missed it! It was really high time. So how are our Greeks doing?"

"Not too good, I must admit. Your analyzing mind is missing ... and yourself. Julius is not the same without you." Scarlett told her.

Delilah avoided to look at her. "That's what I feared, though he never told me how he ... well, I can't deny it - he's ... precious to me."

Scarlett cast a warning look towards Prosper who triumphed silently 'I knew it!' written all over her face.

Playing with an elastic band Delilah continued. "But I do fear he's lost his marbles now that he's hooked up with Ursula ..."

A loud 'Clonk' was to be heard. Seeing her fainted Delilah quickly rang for a nurse and together with Prosper managed to get Scarlett into the lateral recumbent position.

I'm just realising I'm changing a lot the narrator's point of view. Not very professional, I konw, but I never said I was ;)
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