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In The End 10

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I know I'm saying this over and over again ... but I really didn't mean to make the chapter that long!

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"All the latest style, fainting, is it?" Dr. Darks chuckled. "I'm very pleased to see you in this condition, Miss Devonshire. I'd nearly given up hope."

Delilah said nothing and watched Scarlett waking up slowly.

"But you must not think, it is over. That would be nearly as devastating as giving up on you." Dr. Darks continued seriously.

Delilah looked up at her and smiled. "I know. But I've realised the fun and people I'd be missing if I do nothing."

Dr. Darks just nodded and left the room, stepping carefully over some juggle balls.

The first words Scarlett said when she had awoken were not: 'Where am I?', 'What's happened?' or any of that kind but: "They can't be together! I'd know that."

Delilah laughed. "Nice to see you, too, Scarlett." Bitter, she added: "Ursula told me ... and then Emmet called me. He's jealous though I wonder why... she's just henpecking him."

A soft knock on the door interrupted them and Al entered the room, looking bewildered but pleased.

"Man, Delilah, who are you, interior decorator, fitness trainer or both?" He went over to her and hugged her. "Welcome back, honey, welcome back. And you, Scarlett!" He sat down on the bed next to her. "Must've been a nasty shock that upset her so much?" He asked Delilah while he picked one of the chocolates on the bedside table.

"It was when I told her, that ... oh, do I have to repeat it?"

"When she told her that Ursula and Julius hooked up." Prosper helped.

The success was overwhelming. Al choked and nearly suffocated. "What?" he finally managed to say.

"Why is everyone so upset?" Delilah said exasperated.

"You are upset, too, you told us so!" Prosper argued.

"I am, but I also told you I'm going to do something about it." Delilah said determined. "I'm going to fly to Greece."

Scarlett sat up immediately. "No, honey, you won't! You can't, you're ill!" In no time she was on her feet again.

But Delilah would not give up so quickly. Not now. "If you can walk around, I can fly to Greece!"

Al laid his hands on Scarlett's shoulders and sat her down on the bed. "You shouldn't do it. Both of you." he said. "Delilah, I'm happy to see you've recovered a little, don't get me wrong. However you'd burn a candle at both ends if you go on a flight now in such a dangerous situation. There's an assignment going on over there, not a romance."

Delilah sighed. Yes, she was tired now. Yes, her muscles were aching. But her heart wasn't at peace. She needed to master the situation. "I guess you're right, Al."

"That's my spy." Al said pleased. Half an hour later he took the still a little groggy Scarlett and Prosper with him to drive them home. They hugged and when it was Prosper's turn she whispered in Delilah's ear: "You won't let Ursula get away so easily, will you?"

"You bet", Delilah smirked.

A telephone call, one befooled nurse and a taxi drive later Delilah sat in a plane flying south. Her heart now finally at rest, her mind was racing. What had got into Julius? Was it because of her being so ... difficult? Was she too late? And if, what would she do?

In the end
You kept everything inside and even though I tried/It all fell apart

She gritted her teeth. She hadn't survived and even managed to not have her breasts amputated to let this situation intimidate her. She was used to come to grips with the world's meanest villains ... surely this meant she could handle a nasty, evil Ursula?


While she was flying and fleeing the hospital, Julius anxious for her went down to the beach. The wind blew through his hair calming him down a little. He grabbed one of the many stones and threw it as far as he could into the sea. Had all the people around him gone mad?

Ursula ... well, she never seemed to like Delilah a lot. Whether she was jealous or not he didn't know but when had she ever done anything for his partner? Or was Delilah ... was she his ex-partner?
He refused to think so. But seeing things as they were ... they were endangering Delilah's health! How could they! The doctor had told them that no one must upset her ... and hadn't he himself seen her that brittle, fragile ... a tear dripped down to his chin, as salty as the Greek sea.

"So alone?" A cold voice behind him said.

Julius turned around. He was definitely not prepared to what he saw.
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