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In The End 11

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yes, it's a quite long chapter but it's the last 'in the end'-chapter. promise!

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"There must be a peaceful solution ..." Julius stammered, stepping back.

"You're slogans were better at times. That applies to your choices as well." The black-haired man advanced towards him. Julius bumped with his back against a huge boulder.

"What do you mean?"

As long as there was still a tiny chance for Delilah to live he didn't want to give up. Unluckily the outstretched arm holding the gun moved nearer and nearer ... a click told the spy it was activated.

He swallowed concentrating on Delilah. His last thought wasn't supposed to be anger by this friend's betrayal nor fear ...

What it meant to me/Will eventually/Be a memory

The plane had landed at last. Delilah could restrain herself from teaching the pilot a landing-lesson and immediately set off for the spies' hotel. The first person she ran into was Nosey who was so lucky to see her he burst into tears.

"Oh Delilah, it's so good to see you! You are you feeling? Nice scarf!"

Delilah just smiled. She was back. Abroad but at home. "I'm glad to see you, too. Where's Julius?"

Nosey scratched his nose. "Ah ... he went down to the beach. He was angry with me - rightly or not I dunno, know that I see you - but perhaps Ursula is able to explain it better ..."

Delilah clenched her fists. "I wanted to talk to her anyway. Where is she?"


"Just don't horn in other people's relationships!"

Julius nearly laughed. "But ... Emmet! Ursula and me, we didn't hook up! I don't want to be together with her?"

Emmet really laughed, reminding Julius somehow of Dismay's laughter. That couldn't be a good sign. The sinking sun cast a reddish light on Emmet's face.


Delilah knocked on the door and immediately went in. She hadn't flown all the way here to wait in front of an empty room. But Ursula was there, deeply bewildered.

"Delilah, aren't you supposed to be in..."

A ring tone was to be heard. "One, sec please, Ursula. "Hello?"


Delilah rolled her eyes. "In hospital, I know. You should talk to Ursula, she's of the same opinion. Wanna chat with her?"

"You're in Greece?" Al's voice cracked.

"Yes, where else? Greenland? Listen, Al, I'm a little occupied at the moment, I have a bone to pick with someone, right? I'll call you back later. Yes, I'm fine. No, don't worry. Thank you. Bye." Her voice was conciliatory again. She hung up and glared at Ursula who was smiling.

"Oh, Delilah, I can't say how happy I am to see you! It worked!"

Delilah was shocked. "Who are you and what did you do to Ursula?"

The girl burst into laughter. They sat down and Ursula explained her plan to her.

"So you mucked me about all the time?"

Ursula looked at her knees. "Yes." she said meekly.

Delilah smiled again. "You're really mean, Ursula! But this time I'm really thankful for it."

They stood up and hugged. "Enemies again?" Ursula asked. "I have a reputation to lose."

"As you please", Delilah said. "But, one last question, how did you get Emmet to call me?"

"He called you? He can't have, he didn't know!"

At this, Nosey burst into the room. "Ladies, we have a problem! I found this in Emmet's room." He waved with a white envelope.

In the letter, Emmet explained to Ursula that she couldn't be together with Julius. She was too good for him and he was going to 'have a word' with this 'bozo'.

"And, his weapon case lay on his bed - empty." Nosey ended and as he had said the last word there was dash and Delilah had gone.
Nosey grinned at Ursula. "She's back!"

Delilah ran down panting. She really wasn't in top form but what could she do? If Julius was wounded - or worse! - it was all her fault. And Ursula's. And Emmet's. Those idiots.

Against the gleaming sun she could see two black figures, one towering above someone else fallen on the hard stony ground. She nearly cried out loud as she saw the gun in front of the fallen man's head. Was this the end? After trying so hard?

what it meant to me/will eventually/be a memory of a time when ...

Julius closed his eyes, not only because he didn't want to watch his own death approaching but because of the sweat dripping down from his forehead. He suddenly heard something like a cry ... someone fell down as well ... there was ... his heart nearly stopped ... there was Delilah's voice! Was he dead? In heaven?

He opened his eyes. Delilah stood with her back towards him in front of Emmet who had really fallen down and tried to get up right now.

"How dare you!" Delilah screeched. "You as sp... with your job! You should know you have to check the information you get before doing something simply downright careless!"

Emmet's face was pale. "So you ... you've hooked up with Julius?"

Delilah growled unnerved. "Don't change the subject!" To underline her seriousness she aimed at a spot above Emmet's head to fire off a warning shot. But everything came out was ... a jet of water.

Emmet smiled in excuse. "I just wanted to teach him a lesson..."


She didn't have to tell him twice. Exhausted she turned away from the love fool to help Julius up.

"Oh thank you", he said, screwing up his face. "My back feels smashed or something. But what about you? How you're feeling, how do you come here? Why -?"

But he didn't continue. Being so tired and happy to see him Delilah had just locked him in her arms. "You ... I was so scared..."

"Delilah?" She looked up. "Thank you."

I put my trust in you

Holding each other tight, savouring this precious moment, they stood for a quarter of an hour watching each other and the sunset.

"I missed you so much ... I can't tell you" Julius said as the sat down on the boulder and laid his arm around her shoulders. "I'm nothing without you."

"It's the same for me" Delilah said. A long silence followed in which Julius eyed up on her scarf.

"Yes, the hairs are gone. But nothing else", she added proudly.

Julius smiled back. "You must know..." Delilah continued letting her legs swing back and forth. "... I have to go back. It's not over."

Pushed as far as I can go

Julius looked down. "That's what I ... what I expected. And now?"

And for all this
There's only one thing you should know...

"Julius" she spoke his name very softly, enjoying herself the sound of it. Being able to talk to him was simply amazing. "We won't give up. Whatever we do we won't give up. And even if I die -"

Julius wanted to interrupt her but she laid her forefinger on his lips. "Shh, no let me finish. And even if I die, in the end ... we still can say we had a good time together, can't we?" She looked at him as if waiting for an answer.

He looked on the verge of tears. Then he gulped and realised how lucky he must be. He was sitting here with her, looking at least as beautiful as ever, talking, holding each other. Yes, he was in heaven.

They were quite close ... Delilah could see the tiny scar above his upper lip she had caused when they had been 12 ... and now he leant forward even further. She felt her heart beating. 'We're much too close to stop now' she thought.

"We will have a good time together."

And then followed, much longed but never asked for, their first kiss.

A moment later, the sun had nearly disappeared, Delilah said: "You know we could have avoided all that Ursula-stuff if we had done this before?"

Julius looked thoughtful for a moment. "That means we got much to make out for... make up, I mean" he grinned dodging a not so serious slap from Delilah.

man, it's that blimey difficult to make them finally kiss! it's outrageous! I thought this would be a good idea but it's not as easy as I thought it would be!
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