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A Place For My Head 1

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everything's perfect

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Chapter 9: A Place For My Head

Delilah and Julius were still sitting one the rock watching the sunset and listening to the breakers. They were completely at peace with themselves, not thinking a single time about villains or diseases. And, if you really want to know, yes, they were also making out. Julius knew Delilah well enough to know that she was agreeing to his last sentence.

The moon was slowly rising. It was a very thin crescent its white light gleaming on the water. The sky was starry, so the few clouds browsing it were shining whitish against the dark blue of heaven. Seventh heaven, mind you.

The night was colder than they had expected so at times they merely held each other tight, feeling the heartbeat and breathing of the other. Everything was so calm.

Delilah looked into Julius' blue eyes. The starlight was reflecting in them like the moon on the water.

I watch how the
Moon sits in the sky/In the dark night

She laughed a little. How could she ever have been stupid enough to think that everything was over because of her being that ill? Where there was shadow there was also light. And the darkness even makes us see the tiny lights better.

"What do you laugh at?" Julius asked softly through the silence only disturbed by wind and waves.

"Did you ever see stars in broad daylight?"

"No", Julius said surprised giving her a kiss on the cheek. "It's enough to see you."

Delilah smiled. Her white teeth glittered through the Greek faint mist coming from the foam's fine drops. "You're too cute to be true", she answered leaning with her head against his warm shoulder, feeling his arm pulling her close to his side.

Shining with the light from the sun


Having found nothing out about their assignment so far and distracted by Delilah's arrival Nosey indulged himself in a late breakfast next day on the patio where he met Emmet.

"Morning", he said brightly. "Hey, Delilah's here, did you know?"

Emmet mumbled something.

"Sorry, didn't catch that." Nosey leant forward.

"I said, yes, I know. I met her yesterday on the beach." Emmet said taking an aspirin and swallowing it with a huge gulp of orange juice.

"She's looking good, isn't she?" Nosey continued not paying any regard to Emmet's morning grumpiness and took some feta cheese.

"Mhm...", Emmet answered feeling the back of his head. There was a huge bump caused by a water pistol.

"Don't you think so?" Nosey asked being so happy about how well Delilah had recovered. "I mean ... she didn't catch a flue, she's got cancer!"

"Yeah, I agree, she's looking very good! Are you happy now?" Emmet was finally losing his temper.

"I'm glad that you think alike!" Nosey answered not noticing his mate's rage. "Oh, look, there comes Julius!" He had spotted a blond-haired man coming closer which must be Julius for blond hair isn't very common in the south.

"He seems to carry something...", Emmet said, screwing up his eyes.

Nosey nodded. He didn't want to admit it but he badly needed some glasses. The only trouble was that he was a little vain and way too clumsy to handle contacts. Or so he thought. In situations like this he told himself: 'When we're home I'll go and see the optician ... Scarlett would kill me if she found out' In the end, however, he didn't do anything but defer to 'after-another-mission'.

"Yes, I see, but I don't know what it is." he ended up saying.

"Nor do I", Emmet answered. Nosey sighed in relief.

"Ah, yes, it's Julius indeed", Emmet said as the person approached. "He's carrying something big ... it's ... but, yes, but it can't be ... oh my God!"

"What? What's it he's carrying?" Nosey was nervous. Emmet had stood up, dripping honey down his clothes.

"Can't you see? It's not it ... it's her..."

Nosey peered with all his might. Yes, he was carrying a person ... like one would carry a baby. It looked unconscious... and these were definitely Delilah's clothes! After being completely unable to move, Nosey said: "Come on!" and together they ran towards him.

"Julius! What's happened?" Nosey called when they were still about hundred metres away from him.

Impatiently Julius gave a hissing sound. "Shh... or you'll wake her up!" he whispered as loudly as he could.

Indeed Delilah looked very comfortable in the spy's arms, fast asleep judging by the little twitching of her lids. "She fell asleep at dawn. Let her sleep for a while..." Julius said softly.

Nosey was at the point of relaxing again and walking with the other two back to the hotel when the scarf around her head slipped.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he shrieked pointing at the inch long hair under it.

Delilah was awake at once. "What? What's it?" she said freeing herself from Julius' arms looking around frantically. "What, where, who, why?"

"Y... your... your hair! Delilah! It's ... so... it's ..." Nosey stumbled.

Delilah gave a little laugh. "Grey you mean?" She looked at the flabbergasted spy. He and Emmet couldn't take her eyes off her. Julius as well, but of course because of other reasons. "That's okay ... that's what usually happens after chemo ... no need to worry!" She turned to Julius. "Good morning, Julius" and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "you should not have carried me all the way up here, honey..."

Emmet and Nosey looked at the two, then at themselves. "It happened? It really happened?"

It was now Julius turn to laugh. "Yes... and speaking of honey ... you have some on your shirt, did you know that?"

Emmet hastily started rubbing away the honey - in vain, of course - and complaining about sticky hands all the way up to the terrace while Delilah linked arms with Julius.

They couldn't know that two persons were watching ...
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