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A Place For My Head 2

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again a little this and that, turning twist, twisting turns, as you like it! or not, who knows ... it's a little confusing I'd say.

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Ursula looked down from a window. Everybody was just so happy! Disgusting ... hadn't she earned some of it as well? Why was she overlooked? Ah well, of course, Delilah was a top spy. Had been a top spy. No wonder everyone cared ... so the only possibility for her was to become better - but with Emmet as partner? He always spoiled everything!

The only trouble was, that everyone thought she had wanted to spoil everything ... Delilah and Julius. Of course she didn't want her help to become public ... but when was the ball in her court? She needed somebody to throw it to her.

The sun doesn't give life to the moon assuming
The moon's gonna owe it one

It was Delilah's turn now to help her. In the end, hadn't she saved her? Exactly.


The others had breakfast together laughing and joking while Ursula went for a jog while the heat was still bearable. She just came back when Emmet made an extremely bad quip about joking and jogging. She would anyway have preferred to call it 'run' because of its different significance ... she just nodded in way of morning greeting and sipped her coffee.

Delilah's blackberry beeped again. "Hello?" she said still laughing about Nosey who had through an error taken some olives filled with garlic. "Yes, I'm feeling very good!" The next moment however she looked ill ... "But how could they get the list? Scarlett, you ... this is impossible!"

Everyone was now watching apprehensively. "What's it?" Nosey asked at the end of his nerves.

"Yes, I'll tell them ... yes, yes, I understood! Of course, as you please, Al." She hung up.

"So?" Nosey looked into her eyes.

"They got another paragraph from Al's list although Scarlett dealt with it. No need to add she's completely wiped out now. It's the one about cloning they stole. Might be of importance in this stealth-thing."

Nosey threw his hands. This was definitely too much for one morning! Emmet picked his nose ... weren't they looking for something else here? Some DNA-stuff he didn't even understand? What had it all to do with them? Julius looked concerned as well; he had a sense of foreboding. Ursula was the only one to keep a level head. "Have they any clue who did it? There must be traces!"

Delilah nodded. "Yeah, but everything's still unsure ... I will fly back now the matter's made clear here. I'm sorry, Julius, you know I have to go."

He just looked to the ground. "Yes, of course I know." He said in a hoarse voice.

"I'll go then to book a flight back ... you better stay here in Greece ... the PC from which everything has been stolen is in a internet café in Athens." Delilah got up just in time to hide the tears sliding down her cheeks.

One day! No, not even a day! A night! It was so unfair! In this moment Julius and Delilah vowed without knowing the other did the same to kill the one who always spoiled everything if they could ever get that **.

Having booked the flight she was blowing her nose when someone patted her on the shoulder. Hoping it to be Julius she turned. It was Ursula.

"Hey." she said, smiling in sympathy. "Must be hard, hm? Just here for a day and then ..." Delilah just nodded feeling she would not be able to say a word. "But we're lucky ... you're the best researcher there is." Delilah grimaced trying to smile. "And I don't this as compliment but because it's true."

Someone behind them cleared his throat. Ursula turned, saw it was Julius and then said: "- it's truly the only job you proved beneficial in!"

"OUT!" roared Julius. When she had left, he continued: "Will we ever get rid off her?"

Delilah shook her head. "Oh Julius ..." She threw himself in his arms. "I don't want to leave ..."

"Hey ..." Julius said softly. "Where's the Delilah I know? Didn't you tell me yesterday you had to leave soon? Believe me, better now than in two weeks ... I would not be able to let you go." He looked at her and wiped away a tear on her nose. "And promise me you won't cry. We all need you here - especially me, you know that - which means the best thing you can do to support us is recover!"

When she looked at him in protest he added: "And research. Not too much, I beg you, but on the other hand we are probably lost without you..." And they kissed for a last time when Ursula opened the door and timidly looked into the room. "Ahm, Delilah? Your taxi's there... and the next flight to Halifax will be tomorrow night..."

Going to the car together Ursula took Delilah aside. "Promise me you'll inform me about everything first! Never forget that it's me you have to be obliged to... it was me who made you hook up, made you fight."

Delilah looked at her in bewilderment: "I don't understand... What if I don't? You have no privilege on information!"

Shoving her into the car Ursula said with a smirk: "You'd better not find out" casting a sideways glance at Julius. "Good bye!" she called aloud waving as the taxi rolled away. 'Bad bye doesn't sound suitable for public' she thought triumphing because of her evil yet brilliant plan.

It makes me think of how you act to me/You do
Favors and then rapidly/You just
Turn around and start asking me/About
Things that you want back from me

Delilah sat in the car and wanted nothing more than tell the drive to bring her back immediately knowing it was impossible. Ursula couldn't possibly be serious? Or could she? Had she been playing?

"It's so confusing ...", she said in a whisper. Should she tell Julius about it? Better not, he was already mad at the girl ... and what if Ursula's threat had not been idle? Her blackberry beeped. Praying it wasn't that blonde snake Delilah answered it.

"Hey, you'll never guess what the owner of the internet café noticed that day!" Delilah sighed. It was Scarlett. "So?" she said excited.

"Two ladies in kimonos!" The woman said triumphantly. "We know our enemy! Or at least, it's very probable, isn't it, kitten? And sorry we took you away from Julius. You need to return to -"

"- hospital, I know." Delilah completed the sentence.

"No, honey, to us, the Academy. We miss you." In the background Delilah heard Al's voice. "Yeah, you're like in damn great demand!"

She smiled. "I'll be there in no time. See you in a few hours time, okay? Yeah, bye."

She leant back. It was always good to know one's enemies. Ursula ... most probably in any case. Not to mention Miss Deeds. Data theft, that PENN-thing, it had been nearly obvious. But what did she want with clones and that DNA-machine? Well, she'd surely find out soon...

In perfectly fluent Greek she asked the driver: "Could we get any quicker, please?"
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