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A Place For My Head 3

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In the meantime Al had his own troubles: Scarlett had discovered the official to-do-list for the mission.

"No, you can't seriously have written that!"

Al would never have thought that he'd be so happy one day for buying such a massive desk. "It's only if the possibility that they get somewhere near -"

"That's just the same!" Scarlett interrupted him and Al shrank back, sinking even lower into his chair.

"Since when are you so ..."

"I've always been concerned for my -"

Imagine now poor Delilah returning tired from the airport, glad to be finally at home breaking in on that row. She stood there in the door, watching Scarlett having a go at the big man. Audibly she dropped her bag and closed the door.

"Delilah! A sensible person, finally!" both Al and Scarlett called.

She couldn't help laughing. The others joined her and after calming down again enough to talk Delilah asked: "Now, what was that all about?"

This had sufficed for Al to be on fire again: "She did not want me to get snacks!"

Scarlett kept her cool: "He wanted you to import silk cocoons from Ms Deeds if possible - as a snack!"

"They're said to be a delicacy!" Al explained.

Delilah raised an eyebrow. "And that's why you were ...? No matter, I got some olives, and feta and other cheese and ..." With these words she started pulling various parcels out of her bag pack watching Al's eyes getting bigger and bigger. Looking seriously at him she added: "And Al, it is disgusting. If you don't mind, I'm going to bed now." she ended.

"We don't", Scarlett said, hugging her goodnight. "Welcome back, kitten, welcome back."

When Delilah was back in her room she got a message. Hoping it would be from Julius she opened it and rolled her eyes. It was from /her/.

Dear Delilah,
I'm hoping you're well back at the academy. We are all missing you (especially Julius, of course ;) ) but I think - and hope! - you'll write back soon if there's some news, won't you?

best wishes,

That snake! Delilah was so enraged she had trouble getting some sleep.

I'm sick of the tension/Sick of the hunger
Sick of you acting like I owe you this
Find another place
Too feed your greed---

The spies checked out. Everyone was tensed ... they had to go to Athens without any clue except that internet café. All their hopes were with Delilah.

"Get a move on!" Ursula shrieked. "We can't stay here all day just because you can't finish packing!"

"I'm sorry; I didn't ask my shampoo to leak!" Nosey retorted. "I'd like to see you letting your clothes soak through!"

"No need to spoil all the clothes by spilling even more shampoo when you tried to fix it all up again." Ursula hit back.

"Congrats, Ursula, you got the point: He's trying! So let him alone, if you please!" Julius meddled in.

Emmet had left the room which was lucky. Firstly it was good for him and his ears, and secondly his dumb comments didn't prolong the row. Finally Nosey had everything back in his clean-wiped bag and off they went. But it hadn't only been him who had been on the verge of packing it all in ...

They didn't talk that much on the flight to Athens. Without saying it, everyone's thought was: if only Delilah would be here. Of course, she would not have hindered the row... she would have taken Nosey's part, naturally, but quarrelling with her was always bolt and lightning - after some thundering the sun came out quickly again.

Now, however a dull and oppressive atmosphere was still to be felt on the plane. No one talked for everyone wanted to avoid being cause of yet another argument.

While I find a place to rest

Despite the little comforting thought of Ursula pressurizing her Delilah awaked refreshed, went downstairs, had breakfast, went jogging, fenced with Scarlett, had a shower and then went to do some researches. 'What a perfect day' she thought when she realized she hadn't thought of cancer and Ursula the whole morning. 'There's nothing better than training and being at home ...'

Soon, after hacking about twenty homepages she found some news about Ms Deeds, who - stupid enough - was called 'Sdeed' in the text. The more intriguing detail was that she was Professor delivering a lecture about the Silk Road.

When there was a knock on the door Delilah jerked so much she landed on the floor. Although it was sure that this would result in a nice big blue bruise she smiled as she got up. 'Reflexes coming back' she told herself and opened the door.

Al came in with a tray full of the delicacies Delilah had brought with her. "What about a little snack?" he asked smiling.

Having suppressed her growling stomach for over an hour she answered: "Yes, thanks" and only with difficulty she kept herself from adding 'dad'.
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