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Robert Smith, I Love You

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It's not quite over yet...

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Heather took a sharp breath as she hit the top of the stairs, Patrick landing behind her, gripping her shoulders as they gazed upon two bodies.

Heather shook her head, bottom lip tucked in and the tears fell lightly. She spun around in Patrick's arms and buried her head in his chest, shaking her head.

"Not again," she breathed. "Not again," Patrick held onto her tightly and fought his own tears.

"Heather...we have to call an ambulance..." Heather pulled back and shook her head.

"What if it's too late?" she sobbed and Patrick cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

"It's never too late...never too late for anything," he pursed his lips together. "We can't give up on them..."

Heather took a sharp breath and nodded stepping back and turning to look back at Lexi and Pete. She raised a hand to cover her mouth and heard Patrick on the phone. Her vision went hazy with the tears and after a minute she felt two arms wrap around her waist.

"Now we wait..." Heather nodded.

"And hope..."


Opening my eyes I was faced by a warm embrace, all around me. But saw nobody around where I was. It was a forest, but instead of there being a ground.../there were clouds/.

I took a sharp breath and took an easy step, only to find that I floated for a few seconds as my feet went off the ground. Taking another look around, I saw out of the corner of my eyes something on my back. Widening my eyes, I saw wings. Gulping, I heard a voice.

"Lexi?" Blinking, I turned to my left to see Pete, in a simple white shirt and those classic tight jeans.

On him, wings.

I opened my mouth in a smile and felt tears sting the sides of my eyes. He took a cautious step towards me and outstretched an arm to gingerly touch my arm before trailing it down and grasping my hand.

"Are we..." I bit my lip and shrugged before falling against him, halfway holding halfway hugging. Pete held back until a few voices were heard.

"Not quite..." I pulled back and looked around, only to see...

"Patrick?" Pete raised an eyebrow and held my hand as the man shook his head.

"Not quite...just...just a familiar form for you, easier to talk to you,"

That's when I realized 'Patrick' didn't have wings.

"Whoa, ok...hold it, I'm not even Christian, but," I gulped. "Are you," Pete cut me off.

"God?" 'Patrick' smirked and looked off to the side before looking back at us.

"At this moment, who I am should not concern you," I tightened my grip on Pete's hand and nodded.

"Why exactly are we here?" I closed my eyes and shook my head. "Stupid question," Pete smirked.

"Obviously we..." he toned down to a whisper. "We died," 'Patrick' shook his head and sighed.

"You're not quite dead, just...having an out of body experience," I bit my lip in confusion.

"Why?" 'Patrick' nodded once and in front of us on a small cloud appeared both our promise rings that were long forgotten, that we had given to Freeda and Andy. My lip started to quiver and I reached out to grab Pete's.

"What are you trying to tell us?" Pete asked and 'Patrick' shook his head lightly.

"You will not die tonight...simply because sometimes it's not a good after life when you know you left your love behind," I licked my lip slightly before turning to Pete and grabbing his hand, slipping the ring back on.

"Since God is giving us a chance, you think we should take it?" I asked and watched as my old silver ring slid back onto my finger.

"Second chances at life," I smiled and leaned my head closer, closing my eyes.

Our lips barley touched before I felt nothing and black surrounded my body yet again. All I heard were a mysterious voice echoing into my mind.

"Second chances at love..."


I furrowed my eyebrows together as I opened them again, to see a dimly lit florescent light, built into the ceiling, PA announcements muffled though the light brown thick wooden door filling my ears.

I swallowed slightly and blinked a few times before turning my head to see two brown eyes staring right back at me.

"Hi," Pete breathed and I licked my lips slightly before smiling.

"Did you?" I asked in a whisper and he slightly nodded.

"You're my angel, Lexi," I smiled and outstretched a weak arm into the space that separated our hospital beds.

Pete lazily smiled before doing the same and reached far enough to hook our first two fingers together.

"We've done the impossible," I whispered and he smirked.

"We've done the stupidest thing too," Shaking my head I stared up at the ceiling.

"But look where it got us," Pete nodded and tightened his grip slightly.

"Right at the beginning," I shook my head again and turned to look at him.

"I'll take you back Pete," It was barley audible but he smiled and nodded, raising his other hand and blowing me a kiss.

I caught it with my free hand and pressed it to my mouth, us sharing a laugh before sighing.

"You," I sang and Pete smiled. "Soft and only," I sang in a whisper and Pete nodded.

"You," he sang back and it was my turn to smile. "Lost and lonely," we both stared for a while after that but opened our mouths in perfect harmony.

"You," we both smiled at each other and our hands tightened around each other.

"Just like heaven,"

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