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three down... three to go.

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How do you capture the strongest mortal alive? Not face-to-face that's for sure...

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Cronus could had never been more excited. He looked like a child on Christmas

day, which was so strange (considering he was a thousand-or-so year old god), that

his giants were almost afraid to look at him.

His plan was working even better then he expected. He had three of the heroes

locked up. Atlanta was still training and wouldn't suspect a thing until it was

her turn to be caught. The decendents of Hercules and Narciuss were now left

(aside from Atlanta)

Cronus decided that the brawn should be the next one to go. If Archie tried to

catch Neil first, there was a chance that Herry would come to his rescue in time.

But if Herry was caught before...

Cronus thought for a moment. How would Archie catch Herry? Obviously not in a

one-on-one battle, but what if Herry didn't know he was there?

Cronus' evil smile grew. His plan was flawless, there was no doubt about


But of course, no villian should ever think that. It's only begging for



Just then Herry and Neil had just came back from the mall.

Archie was hiding behind a tree, nearby. In his hand was a dart gun with a

very sharp dart inside. As he watched Herry park the truck he aimed the gun at his

intial target and fired. Bullseye!

In the truck , there was a sudden jolt and Herry heard a loud 'bang!' Fearing

the worst, he leaped out and examined his truck. His worries were correct. HE HAD


Neil after finding out what happened, decided to go inside. Herry was left

alone outside to grieve for the tire (yes, he was that obsessed with his truck).

Herry cursed loudly. When he got his hands on whoever did this to his precious

truck he would kick their sorry.... He didn't have time to finish that thought

because suddenly he felted an extremely sharp jolt spread through his entire body

and emediatly he was unconscious.

There stood Archie right behind him holding Neil's tazor. The blonde model had

been stupid enough to just leave in on the floor of his room while Archie was

waiting for the two to come home.

Another one down. That left two. And with that, Archie brought out a trolly (he

was not dragging Herry all the way to the school), and pushed him towards the

school to lock him up with the others.

No one even noticed the young warrior push the Brawn away...
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