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Two birds with one stone

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Now it's Odie and Theresa's turn...

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The next morning everyone was eating breakfast, but Jay.

"Hey, where's Jay?" asked Herry, through a mouthful of his fourth bowl of


" I saw a note on the counter," said Neil, not taking his eyes off his

flawless reflection on his infamous three-panel mirror, "probably from him."

" And you didn't bother to read it?" Atlanta scoffed, got up and found the

note by the sink. it said:

Hey guys,

Hera called and said she needed to see

me. She said it was important so I

probably won't be back for a while.

see you later,


Atlanta sat down and told the others where he was. Or where they THOUGHT he

was, anyways.


Cronus watched everything through his spying pool. Everything was going

according to plan. Archie had locked Jay up somewhere in the school where he knew

the gods wouldn't check, IF they found out that Jay was missing. The other heroes

just assumed that Jay had went to see Hera.

Cronus examined the five remaining. Who should be next. First he thought of

the girl, Atlanta, but he decided against it. Atlanta was just as good at fighting

as Archie was, and it would be hard to catch her without a fight and she would

probably have time to call the others and therefore, ruining the whole plan. No,

she would have to be the last one caught.

Then his eyes lingered to Theresa. If anyone was going to suspect that Jay

was missing, it would be her. Then he saw Odie too. The boy may not be a good

fighter but he was far from stupid. Cronus would have to get rid of him soon

as well.

So Theresa and Odie. Two for the price of one. That didn't sound so bad.


After breakfast Atlanta said she had training with Artemis, and was off

before you could ask, " Where did she go?" Neil insisted that he needed a

new nail file and Herry had to go with him ( No way, was he letting Neil use his

truck!) Which left only Theresa, Odie, and Archie (what a coincedence) in the


" Gee I'm thirsty," said Archie, as he got up and made his way to the

fridge, "you guys want some orange juice?"

" Yeah, sure," said Odie and Theresa, not bothering to look up, Theresa

was re-reading Jay's note and Odie was typing on his laptop. If one of them

had bothered to look they would have seen Archie slip something in their

drinks. He brought the glasses over to them, then turned around to get his

own (he only had two hands after all).

Theresa accepted the glass and took a sip, still examining the note Jay had

left for them. Something was wrong here. Jay's writing was neat like hers. He

never wrote this messy, even when he was in a hurry. Jay did not write this. But

if it wasn't Jay, then who was it?

Odie stared at his glass after he took a sip of orange juice. The orange juice

had a funny taste to it. He knew it wasn't expired, because he had just bought it

yesterday. What was wrong with it? Then he realized something. " Be on your gaurd

when your with Archie." That was what Jay said to them, last night. He started to

panic as he figured it out. Archie had put tranquilizar in the drinks!

He looked at Theresa. She seemed drowsy. The tranquilizer was working too

fast. Odie tried to reach his PMR to warn the others, but his arm wouldn't move.

He looked at Archie. He had no expression on his face, no look of pity as he

watched the two slowly drift into unconsciousness.

But before Odie completely blacked out he noticed something he had never

seen before on Archie. A silver pendent.

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