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one down

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Cronus' plan is working as Jay is the first to disappear.

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Jay couldn't sleep that night. His thoughts were on the others. Was there

something wrong with Archie? If so, did Cronus have anything to do with it?

Jay decided that maybe a glass of water would help clear his mind and let him

sleep peacefully. So, quietly, he got up and made his way to the kitchen. He took

a glass from the cupboard and got the water from the kitchen tap. He drank the

water silently, in one gulp and put the empty glass in the sink.

He still didn't feel tired though. He still couldn't stop worrying about his

teammates. He felt like an over-protective parent who didn't want his kids to go

out on their own. Isn't that what the others thought of him? A little over-

protective? It sure was really hard being the leader. Because no matter what kind

of bad situation his team was in, he could only blame himself for not preventing

it from happening.

'Well, lack of sleep sure isn't going to help you put a stop to Cronus taking

over the world,' Jay thought.

Suddenly he heard a small noise from behind him. He whirled around, one hand

searching for the light switch. When he turned it on there was no one there.

" That's funny," Jay whispered to himself, " I could have sworn I heard

something. Maybe I'm just being a little too paranoid."

Suddenly he felt something hit him on the side of his head. He struggled to

stay conscious just long enough to see a familiar silouhette looming over him. He

then realized who it was.

" What have you done, Archie?" he murmured before he slowly blacked out.


Archie knew the first part of his mission wasn't complete. Cronus had a

feeling the others would be deeply suspicious if Jay just disappeared all of a

sudden. So he snatched a piece of paper and pen from somewhere and started to


No one was allowed to suspect a thing... until it's too late.
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