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something strange

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The team knows something's wrong with Archie, but will they find out what before it's too late?

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Cronus began to tell Archie his plan, " I want you to bring each and everyone

of the annoying brats to me one at a time."

"Which one do you want me to catch first?" asked Archie.

" I'll let you know when I figure that out."

Archie smirked, "you mean you don't know?"

Cronus grimaced. This boy was just as annoying as he was in his normal

state. It would probably be difficult for his friends to think something was wrong

if he kept THAT up.

" Just go back to the dorm, and act like nothing happened!" Cronus said


Archie smirk grew wider, " fine with me."


It wasn't long before Archie returned to the dorm. Without a word to anyone he

went up to his room.

Just then Atlanta saw him, "hey Arch, we're renting some movies tonight,

wanna go and pick some up with me?"

Archie didn't even look at her, "no, not really." And with that he went into

his room and slammed the door. Not noticing the hurt look written all over her


Atlanta was shocked. Archie had never done that to her before. Usually if he

didn't go with her he always had a reason. This was very different.

During dinner time, nothing was said. There were no heated debates between the

two teens that night. Jay was worried about Archie and Atlanta. What was going on?

He saw Atlanta pick at her food with a mix of hurt and fury on her face. With

Archie it almost looked as if he was on autopilot or something. He was eating but

his mind seemed to be somewhere else.

After dinner, Archie went up to his room, telling the others he wouldn't be

watching the movie. While the others watched it, nobody said a word.


Meanwhile, Cronus was watching everything through his spying pool.

" That fool, now everyone will know something is happening. Oh well, they'll

be gone anyways in a matter of time. Now which one should I get rid of first?"

Imediatly Cronus' eyes fell on Jay.

"So the leader will go down first. That sound good to me."


Jay couldn't stand the silence, so he paused the movie.

" Okay," he said, everyone's attention was on him, " What's going on with


Emedietly everyone's eyes fell on Atlanta.

" I don't know," she said, starring at the floor, " he was perfectly fine

when I left him alone after our race this morning."

Jay thought for a moment, then he sighed, " no matter what, we must assume that

Cronus got to him. Be on your guard and watch his every move, until we find out

what's going on with him."

Everyone agreed, and without bothering to watch the rest of the movie, they all

went to bed.
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