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not so innocent

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Archie finds an innocent looking pendent and tries it on just for laughs...but by now he should know anything "innocent" looking is not always what it seems.

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Archie took his time walking back to Brownstone. After all what was the point

in hurrying?

Archie shivered and zipped his blue hoodie all the way. It had started to

get colder these past few days even though it was only the beginning of

September. Summer had definetly come to an end.

Just as Archie was leaving the park he stopped. Something shiny in the long

grass caught his eye. He bent over to observe the strange object more clearly.

He hesitently picked it up. It was some sort of pendent, similar to his own

but it was silver, not gold. This pendent was a little bit heavier and instead of

a circular disc it was shaped like a diamond.

Archie stood up, still observing his strange little discovery. His first

thought was to bring it home and show it to the others. He doubted any normal

person could have lost it since no one wore these kind of pendents anymore (aside

from sevens teenagers- I think you know who I'm talking about). But he stayed put

getting more and more curious about the pendent with every second he spent

starring at it. It wouldn't hurt to try it on, would it?

After looking around to make sure no one was watching him - he was a guy

after all and he didn't want to be seen trying it on, since men don't wear

necklaces - and put the pendent's chain around his neck.

The pendent felt much lighter around his neck then in his hands. The chain

was ice cold against his skin. So cold he almost yanked it off but he couldn't.

Suddenly he didn't feel the coldness of the chain against his neck. He

couldn't feel, or think. What was happening? Why did he feel nothing? No

emotions, no coldness, no pain, nothing. Something was happening to him. He

tried to move but he couldn't control himself. He couldn't yank the pendent off

his neck. He could only manage to smack himself across the face, to make sure it

wasn't a nightmare, but he couldn't feel it. He couldn't feel pain.

He saw something move out of the corner of his eye. A black hole? No, a

portal. Cronus! Normally he would have brought out his whip to fight but he

couldn't. He had no control over himself. Cronus could only laugh as he watched

Archie struggle to gain control of himself.

" Give it up, you fool, you are in my control now!"

Rather than pass a snide comment as he would have done in his normal state,

Archie stopped strugging and stood up straight and looked Cronus in the eye.

" What do yo want me to do, master? " he asked.

" Excellent," said Cronus.

In case your wondering i made up the whole pendent.

Hope you liked his chapter. More will come soon.

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