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The Shit Is Not Bananas

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Ahh... ANother day well done

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Chapter 1- The Shit Is Not Bananas

April 2008

Moving day.

About four weeks after that horrible hospital deal, Pete came up with the idea of us buying a house, somewhere close to the city, yet still somewhere quiet. It was decided long ago that all us girls felt just at home in Wilmette and even hoaxed Stan, Aiden and Sierra to move out as well.

Heather was five months now, and Patrick managed to pop the question in March. Thanks to us, more me, they also decided to hold the wedding off until the two little babies were actually born. Touring was still somewhat going on with Patrick playing for Heather while she just sang.

Clover came back to help us out and was designated honorary godmother of everybody's kids. On the other hand, Aloe and Joe were happier than any of us, if that was possible. It seemed like all that time apart made them closer than ever.

Freeda and Andy still remained the top 'perfect' family, role models even if they were younger. I was working on more songs, as always while also packing up a lot of things and making sure Dirty would be able to get the moving truck over in time.

Pete was always doing something interesting, trying to design more clothes or write new stuff, and of course be not only a boss but also a boyfriend. That word still seems so weird, even for me.

Me, Lexus Ann Starr...


"Should we start next month, or in three weeks?" Currently, I was straddling Pete's waist, sitting up straight with a notebook and pen, writing down plans for the next tour.

Pete thought for a minute and placed his hands down on his chest, taking a deep breath. I moved up with it and smiled.

"Come on, boss...we gotta get your consent," Pete smirked and nodded.

"Three weeks, I wanna get back on the road...but still have time to break in the new house," I smiled.

"Awesome possums," Pete laughed at my remark and I wrote down a date.

"When is Dirty getting here?" he asked and I shrugged, rolling off of him and tossing the notebook on a cardboard box. We were on a blank mattress, it sitting in the middle of the hallway just waiting for the doorbell to ring.

"I don't know," I muttered and Pete smiled.

"I'm glad everything is finally going according to plan," I nodded and played with the thin silver band on my right hand.

"Plans are good," I whispered and Pete kissed my cheek.

"Of course..." he paused and played with the bow that wrapped around my shirt and tied in the front. "But spontaneous things are fun too," I gave a toothy grin and nodded, giving him a kiss.

"Yeah, but sex in the hallway doesn't count," I pulled away to see Dirty standing with keys, a disgusted expression on his face.

I laughed and shook my head, sitting up and standing and fixing my shirt again, retying the polka dotted bow. Pete stood up behind me and grabbed the keys from Dirty.

"New home, here we come,"


I watched as Pete dove into the pool in our new house's back yard and saw Patrick laugh as Heather complained about getting her clothes wet.

She stripped her shirt off and walked down the steps into the pool as Dirty jumped off the wall off our neighbor's fence and into the pool as well. I sighed and saw my phone go off in a text message.

New tour I hear, will the lord of all things skinny and tall be invited.

I smiled and flipped the sidekick open yelling at Pete who was backstroking around Heather and Patrick.

"Petey, are William and the boys coming on tour with us?" I asked and he stood up in the pool before shrugging. I looked back at the screen before sighing.


Cool, cool

"My lover, hell yeah," Pete yelled and I smirked, putting my sunglasses back on and continuing to write a new song.

Who said it rains all day in heaven?
The only thing I saw was Patrick
And he promised me a second chance...
at everything
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