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Ahh Crap

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yeah, enter tessa. again

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Chapter 2- Ahh Crap

Two weeks later and I'm in the studio with Travis, and The Backstabbers. Travis was doing a special appearance on one of their songs, and since I was their manager, I was there to help out.

And yes, Decaydance had recently signed Aiden's band to the record label. As the rest of the band and me chilled, listening in, Patrick sat messing with the soundboard as Travis and Aiden stood in the booth waiting for the beat.

"Lexi, think we can get a slot in the tour?" I perked my ears and turned to see Stan smiling wide.

Yeah, about that, Stan was recently put up as their new bassist after their last one...up and left them. Right about two weeks later Pete and I signed them. I shrugged and turned to see Patrick smiling at the beat he had found for the chorus.

"Yeah, opening band maybe..." I said and Stan jumped.

"Yay..." he sang and Aiden shook his head from inside the booth.

I leaned back in my chair and propped my feet up, closing my eyes as Aiden started singing and Travis rapped the same words, clashing together to make something wonderful. I bit my lip and smiled nonetheless when Stan came up behind me and sighed.

"Why don't you go back home, we don't really need you right now," I nodded and turned to Patrick who shrugged.

"We'll be here late though. William is coming in later..." I nodded once and grabbed my purse and folder before fishing my keys out of my jeans. They all waved me off and I went home.


Home- where I thought everything would be alright, but I open the door and walk into the living room only to see little miss Tessa sitting on the couch holding a one month old baby in her arms.

I raised an eyebrow as Pete came back into the room holding a glass of water, handing it to her. Crossing my arms I walked further in and Tessa smiled at me.


It was fake, and I could tell.

"Hi Lexi," she said slowly and I bit my lip.

"Tessa," I said and Pete stood next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist.

"I don't know why she's here," he whispered into my ear and I looked at Tessa who wiggled a finger at her baby, who just cooed at her.

"Tessa, what brings you here?" I asked and she furrowed her eyebrows together for a second before looking up and smiling.

"I have some news for you, well more for Pete, less for you, Lexi," I bit my lip and nodded.

"Then I'll be upstairs," I said and turned to go upstairs.

About thirty minutes past before I heard the front door close and footsteps hurrying upstairs to where I was. Pete entered the bedroom and sighed, taking a seat next to me on the bed.

"Damnit, we can't go even three months without drama," he muttered and I looked at him, confused.

"What?" I asked and Pete shook his head.

"Baby..." he started and turned to me. I but my lip and he shook his head again. "Tessa...she..."

"Pete," I said and he swallowed hard.

"She said that the baby is mine," I blinked. Several times before I widened my eyes and parted my lips, speechless. As soon as I got my composure together I looked intently at Pete.

"Pete...what are you going to do?" I asked softly and Pete tilted his head to one side for a second.

"What do you mean? There isn't much I can do," I bit my lip. It was his baby.

" can't just leave her to raise it on her own," Pete blinked at me a couple of times before shaking his head.

"But that doesn't mean I should up and leave you just because she lied to begin with," I sighed and placed a hand on his cheek. He raised a hand to hold it there and I smiled.

" have to help her, for at least the fact to be a good father, I'd be damned if you left me all alone with our kid," Pete bit his lip and nodded after a couple seconds.

"I don't want you to think I'm leaving you," he whispered and I blinked hard.

"Maybe that would be best," Pete parted his lips.

"Huh?" he asked and I bit my lip, looking away.

"If you're going to go up to New York with her...maybe..." Pete shook his head and kissed my knuckles.

"No, I'm not thinking about that," he shook his head more and sniffed. "I won't let that happen," I sighed and took his head in my hands, kissing his forehead.

"I'm gonna..." I paused and stood up, looking around before grabbing my purse. "I'm gonna head back to the studio, ok?" I croaked and Pete shook his head.

"What should I do, Lex?" he asked and I shrugged before tucking a loose strand of hair back into his messy doo.

"That's up to you,"


I entered the studio with my sunglasses on, and I could tell that light black mascara was probably running down my cheeks as my hand shakily held onto an already half empty coffee.

Sniffing, I opened the door and wordlessly took a seat next to Patrick who took a double take of me before turning the beat off, making Aiden pull his headphones off and worriedly looking at me. Patrick took my sunglasses off my face and tossed them aside before pulling me into a hug.

"Lex, what's going on...?" he asked and I sniffed, wiping my nose with my free finger.

"Pete," I mumbled and he sighed.

"What happened?" I shook my head as Aiden came out along with a face I had not seen in a long time, William.

"Tessa's back,"
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