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Yes, SZSmith, You Were Right

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I love you.

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Chapter 3- Yes, SZSmith, You Were Right

I snuck into the house late that night, and went straight to the bedroom to see Pete fast asleep on his back, foot stuck out of the sheets and mouth wide open, him snoring.

I lightly laughed before kicking my shoes off and slipping into some pajamas and an oversized t-shirt. I lied down on the edge of the big bed with my back turned and sighed, closing my eyes.

"Mmm...Lexi?" I slightly opened my eyes as my body was brought closer and smiled as he kissed my shoulder blade. "You're in late," I rolled over on my back while he stayed on his side and held me around my waist.

"I told you, I was at the studio," he nodded once and sighed into my hair.

"I always wanted you to have my kids..." I gulped and felt the blush start to rise up my neck.

"Really?" I croaked and shook my head. "Past tense, Pete," I whispered and he sighed.

"You still can," he muttered and I looked at him.

"It would cause too much problems," after a few moments he nodded once and closed his eyes.

"But admit," a smile appeared on his face and he opened his eyes to look down at me. "You would have loved to be the mother of little Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the fourth..." I smiled lightly and the blush rose up again.

"Who said it would be a boy?" I whispered and Pete kissed my cheek again, snuggling back into the bed.

"I called Tessa," he whispered and I nodded, putting my arms over his own and looking up at the ceiling.

"What did she say?" Pete shook his head.

"It's more of what I said," I swallowed hard and closed my eyes.

"Ok then. What did you say?" I asked and he sighed.

"I told her that...I'd help as much as I could," He bit his lip and stared at my profile as I processed what this meant.

"Ok," I croaked and Pete pouted.

"I'm flying out tomorrow morning...just for a few weeks," I nodded.

"Ok," I repeated and Pete bit his lip again.

"Is this our last night? Lexi?" he asked as his voice cracked and I could sense my own tears surfacing.

"I don't know..." I whispered and Pete's arms tensed around me.

"I think...I think it is," he spoke so softly. I closed my eyes and felt my bottom lip trembling.



I miserably walked into the venue where The Backstabbers were playing to see Aiden fixing the microphone stands and smiling as Stan sang random songs from our past.

Taking a seat on the edge of the stage I looked up at him with glossy eyes and he skewed his mouth to one side, falling down next to me.

"Lexi, babes...what's the matter?" I shook my head and heard another pair of footsteps.

"I'm guessing Pete, right?" We turned to see William standing there with a guitar case and he put it down before taking his scarf off as well and plopped down right next to us on the edge of the stage. I nodded and sighed deeply, resting my head on his shoulder.

"I knew something was wrong the moment I saw Tessa sitting in our living room," I paused and let the tears fall. "Our living room, that /bitch/," I hissed and shook my head as Aiden took his hand and wiped tears away.

"Lex...did he leave for New York yet?" he asked and I nodded.

"He's gonna be gone for at least another three weeks, and when he comes back, that's when Fall Out Boy joins the touring," Aiden slowly nodded and I shook my head. "Now that he's gone, and I know why he's gone, I don't want him back, you know," William sighed from next to me and I looked at him.

"It's just another test, you know," I bit my lip and sighed, looking out across the empty mosh pit.

"God, you really know how to mess with me," I smirked as Patrick walked in front of us and blinked up at me.

"Pete?" he asked and I nodded.



I sat in the back room listening as Aiden sang, leaning against William, a notebook in my lap. Smiling, I wrote more to the song I was writing.

So Patrick, what else do you have planned?
Is there another Pete in the future?
Tonight my fate lies in the hands of a geek
And my heart lies in the hands of a heartbreaker.

He was right, breaking hearts everywhere
'Have my babies' the teenies scream
How ironic, one girl- got her wish
While another- not so much

Who said it rains all day in heaven?
The only thing I saw was Patrick
And he promised me a second chance...
At everything

Funny- 'Everything' got cut short.
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