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The warning

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The entire team has been caught, except Atlanta. Will Jay and the others be able to warn her before it's too late...

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Artemis had really put Atlanta through a lot of work. First she had to run

twenty laps, fifty times around the gym (okay I'm exhagerating a little) so she

could beat her previous record (which was twenty laps in 29 seconds). THEN she had

do target practice with her mini crossbow, AS she dodged flying discs zooming

towards her head. And if that wasn't enough, she had to do the same thing

tomorrow, and the day after that too.

So after Artemis left her to practice her skills with a bow and arrow (not

that she needed to practise) Atlanta was down right exhausted. Sometimes Artemis

was worse then even Ares when it came to training.

But Artemis insisted that Atlanta should go through this because there was a

slight chance that Atlanta might have to battle one of Cronus' henchmen on her


Little did Artemis know how right she was...


Neil woke up with a severe headache. How could Archie do that to him? After

he SPECIFICALLY asked him not to hit him in the face! He prayed to the gods that

his nose wasn't bleeding.

Neil sat up, with the very little strength he had left in him. He looked

around and gasped slightly. Jay, Odie, Theresa and Herry were there with him. All

four of them starring at the floor, with looks of hopelessness (if that's a word)

written on their faces.

Theresa was the first to notice that Neil was awake, "Oh good you're up too,"

she didn't sound too enthusiastic.

" What happened?" asked Neil.

One by one everyone told their story on how they were captured by Archie.

Each person had been caught a different way (aside from Theresa and Odie who had

been caught at the same time), so everyone had something to say.

Jay sighed, "I just can't believe Archie would side with Cronus."

Just then Odie remembered something, " You shouldn't believe it Jay, because

I think he's under a spell."

Everyone was starring at Odie. "How do you know that, Odie? asked Herry.

" Before I lost concious, I remember seeing Archie wear a silver pendent that

I had never seen before."

Theresa spoke up, " And we all know Archie's too proud to wear jewelery."

Jay thought for a moment, " So we have to somehow, get that pendent off of


" But how are we going to get to him when we're trapped in here?" asked Neil.

Herry grinned, " there's still only one person Archie hasn't caught yet."

Everyone nodded, " Atlanta!"

Odie shook his head, " but Atlanta doesn't even know what's up. How are we

going to warn her about Archie? Archie took away my PMR."

" He took mine," said Jay.

" And mine," said Theresa.

" And mine," said Herry.

" NOT MINE!" cheered Neil holding up his PMR.

Everyone starred at him in shock. " Archie must have forgotten to take Neil's

PMR away," said Odie.

" Good," said Jay, kindly taking the PMR from, Neil, " Let's just hope that

Archie hasn't reached Atlanta yet."


Atlanta stopped shooting arrows, after hitting the bullseye for the

thirteenth time. She leaned against the wall to rest.

Suddenly her PMR buzzed. Annoyed, she took the PMR, pressed the talk button

and said, "this better be important."

She heard Jays voice, " It is. Cronus has Archie under his control!"

Atlanta stood up fast, forgetting the exhaustion she had felt three seconds

ago, " I'm listening." Archie was under a spell? How did this happen?

Jay told her everyone's story on how Archie had caught them and how Odie saw

Archie wearing a silver pendent that none of them had ever seen before.

Jay continued, " Be on your guard, 'cause I have a feeling that Archie's

going after you next."

" Uh... Jay?" Atlanta stammered.

" What?"

" No need to tell me that, 'cause Archie's here right NOW!"

Whatever Jay had said at the other end, Atlanta didn't hear. Her

attention was more focused on the gym entrance. Standing right there with a sly

grin on his face, was Archie.

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