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One more to go...

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Archie now has to capture Atlanta but no WAY is she leaving without a fight...

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And behind Archie stood Cronus.

"Ah, hello Atlanta," he said, " I hear your friends have warned you about

my new henchmen, Archie, who has finally decided to join me."

Atlanta knew that if this was her last chance to use sarcasm, then she

would use it.

" I guess chocolates and flowers could bribe him, so instead you gave him a

pendent," she put a hand to her heart and pretended to be flattered, " I guess

jewelery will flatter anyone."

Cronus' smile disappeared, " I've had enough, I will go now to check on the

others," he paused as he turned to leave, " bring her to me when your finished.

I want her alive!" and he left her alone with Archie.

Atlanta didn't know whether to be relieved by the fact that Archie wasn't

allowed to kill her. He never said not to hurt her.

For the first time in her life, Atlanta was glad for the extra training

Artemis put her through. Because it was about to come in very useful.


Atlanta still had her laser crossbow attached to her wrist. She was glad

to have at least SOME type of weapon. Then Archie drew out his Hephaestus


For a moment both of them walked slowly in a circle. Waiting for the other

to attack, or the precise moment to strike. Both of them were watching the

other's every move. ' If this keeps up, we'll be here forever.' thought

Atlanta. She sighed.

Mistaking her sigh for a sign of weakness, Archie lunged forward.Atlanta just

had time to move out of the way before he could ram into her. She shot at

him with her lazer crossbow, skimming his arm as a result. But he kept rushing


Atlanta was surprised. Surely Archie must a felt that? He continued to lunge

at her and she continued to dodge. 'What is he doing?' she thought, 'why isn't

he using his whip?'

Then Atlanta understood what Archie was doing. But before she could do

anything about it she was cornered.

Archie smiled. She couldn't escape him now. He began to raise his whip, ready

to strike her.

Atlanta was not one to give up. She had about two seconds to think of a

plan. She hoped it would work.

Before Archie realized what was happening, Atlanta lunged forward so fast

she pretty much disappeared. Normally the impact would have knocked the wind

right out of him, but since he couldn't feel pain, it just merely distrated


But that distraction was the very thing Atlanta needed, and before Archie

could stop her, she grabbed the whip right out of his hand and tossed it to a

place where he would not have time to find it.

Archie grabbed her wrist that had the miniature crossbow and in one

swift move, took it off and threw it at the wall where it cracked and broke.

Now that they had no weapons, both titans had no choice but to fight with

their hands.

Before Atlanta could react, Archie lunged forward grabbing her throat.

Then Atlanta grabbed his. Not wanting to choke each other to death (Archie had

to bring her back alive, after all), but not wanting to let go either, they

continued by attempting to push and shove the other with their remaining


This continued for a while, until eventually, Archie was above her holding

her wrists and Atlanta was below him trying to push him off.

Then Atlanta saw it. The silver chain around Archie's neck. This must be the

pendent Jay had mentioned that was controlling him.

Atlanta couldn't get it with her hands. But she had another idea. With the

little strength she had, she lunged herself forward head-butting Archie right in

the face. Once again, he felt no pain but it did distract him and make him let go

of her hands. With her hands now free, Atlanta stood up and grabbed the chain

the chain around Archie's neck. Then with all the strength she had left, she

prayed to the gods that this would stop Archie, she pulled.

The result was an explosion of energy that sent Archie and Atlanta flying off

in different directions. Atlanta was the first to hit the wall. The pain was

intense and she had a feeling the pain wasn't going to go away for a while.

Archie, on the other was still under the spell at the last second, didn't

feel any pain as he smacked into the wall and fell to the ground.


Archie felt the pain from where Atlanta had hit him with the lazer. What

happened? Where am I?

Then it hit him. Everything that he had done since he first tried on that

stupid pendant came rushing back to him. Had he really done all that?

He groaned and got up. Everything in the gym was thrown around by the

impact. He and Atlanta would have a lot of explaining to do when the gods saw

this. Wait a minute...Atlanta!

He saw her. Sprawled on the floor, clearly unconcious. He rushed towards

her carefully checking for anything broken. He sighed with relief. Nothing was

broken. She was probably in a lot of pain, but nothing was broken, and even

better, she wasn't dead.

His frown disappeared as he realized what he had done with the team.

" What have I done?" he whispered.


Man I'm so tired from writting that. PHEW!

Sorry if it may have been a little voilent, what hey did you expect Atlanta to give

up easily? I'll try to update ASAP

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