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The Beginning

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Now I have a dumb theory. What if Ferb was the child version of the Joker? And yes, I am using the theory that Ferb was adopted so no complaining.

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"Mister Jay? What were you before the Joker getup?" Harley asked as she played with a gun lying on the metal table that was in the center of the room. She cringed. "Y-y-you don't have to answer that Mister just slipped my mind..." Harley stuttered, slinking back into a chair.
"No no Harley dear, daddy can answer this question just fine. You might just find the story..hilarious." The Joker replied as he tested out his latest crime, a knife within multiple knifes.
Harley sat on the edge of her seat. "Really! You're gonna tell a story to little old me? Thanks Mister Jay!"
"Don't be so enthusiastic, Harley."
"Y-y-yes Mister Jay.."
"It all started one fateful day.."
The rain poured heavily as the Flynn-Fletcher's stepped into Miss Archemys Adoption Center. All the children had their eyes locked on the family as they walked through, towards the reception center. As Linda and Lawrence Flynn-Fletcher chatted seriously with the reception clerk, their five year old daughter,Candace, squinted expectantly at all of the infants, paying no attention to the older children who were giving her warm and friendly smiles.
"I want the weird one mommy!" Candace said as she tugged at her mothers sweatshirt.
"Sweetie, calm down, Mommy just needs to take care of some important business so we can adopt the baby." Linda replied gently.
"But MOOOOOOOOM. I. WANT. THE WEIRD ONEEEE." Candace screeched back to her mother, who if was annoyed, show no sign of it.
Linda sighed and turned all of her attention to her daughter. "Which one is the, 'Weird one'?".
Candace smiled like she had gotten a unicorn. "Over here momma!" She said as she pulled her exhausted mother away from the reception center, and over to a peculiar baby with green hair. "This is the weird one."
"Wow, he is a bit peculiar I guess...Excuse me?" She waved the receptionist over. "Can we adopt him?"
The receptionist gave a half-hearted laugh, which jiggled her huge stomach. "Of course! We've been wanting to get rid of that devil for quite a long time!" She said shoving the baby into Linda's arms. "I don't want to have to do paper work, or do any work to be honest so just take him and get the hell outta here."
Lawrence was just about to reply when he looked down and immediately shut his mouth again, taking the baby and trudging back to the car.
As the family drove the long way home, Candace immediately broke the silence by saying, "Don't you think he looks weird daddy?"
Mr. Flynn-Fletcher replied with a simple, "No dear, he looks fine!"
Candace cocked her head to the side and said, "But what about his green hair daddy? Isn't that a bit strange?"
"Candace honey, he looks fine," Mrs. Flynn-Flecther interrupted, "Some people are just born with weird hair colors."
The rest of the drive was filled with the sweet sound of silence, except for the occasional whine from the baby.
"Mister Jay? Why are you telling this story in the third person?"
"Because I want to. Now don't interrupt!"
As the Flynn-Fletchers stepped inside their warm home, they were greeted with the unpleasant sound of a baby screaming. Linda and Lawrence both stared at eachother, eyes wide with fear, and rushed off to the living room, handing Candace the baby.
"You're weird." Candace blurted.
"Wah-we" the baby replied.
"Can you hear me?" Candace yelled.
The screaming from the other room abruptly stopped. All you could hear was happy, yet tired, sighs from the other room. Candace, being a curious little girl, grabbed the baby and took him to the living room.
"Momma, where's my little brother?" Candace said, scanning the room like a hawk.
"Right here dear." Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher relied warmly, taking the adopting baby out of Candace's hands and replaced it with another baby with bright red hair.
"Miso li moop" the baby said, causing everybody who was standing in the room to laugh.
"This is Phineas." Candace said, holding up Phineas up to the adopted baby, "What's your name?"
"His name is Ferb." Lawrence replied with a smile on his face.
"Phineas and Ferb. It has a nice ring to it." Linda replied, copying Lawrence's smile.

]The end of this chapter. More soon to come.[
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