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A few years later...

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This is a few years after they adopted Ferb. I know this sounds super dumb, but trust me this is gonna be great. (Yes I meant to quote Disney)

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This is in Ferb or The Jokers POV. He is not telling the story to Harley anymore. Mainly because they're too busy kicking Batmans ass.

"Ferb, wake up, today's the day." My brother yelled, shoving me from one side of my bed, to the other.
I sighed. I knew which day he was talking about. High school graduation. He was only excited because if we got there early, his crush would be there, and we would sit right next to her. I brushed my hand through my messy green hair.
"Aw come on! If we get ready now, we can sit next to Isabella!" He said, in a tone so high, only dogs could hear it.
"I'll get out of bed if you get out of my way." I said, with a hint of disgust.
He moved out of the way and I reached for a shirt. My hands curled around something and I pulled it out. A lime shirt. Good enough. As I pulled the shirt over my head I thought about what happened last night. I smirked. Isabella whining to me about how she loved Phineas so much was super /] fun. [/ Oh how Phineas would react if he was there.
"Ugh, Ferb COME ONNNNNNN. We cannot be late!" Phineas whined as he shoved me towards the door.
"You must realllly like this girl if you're so desperate to get to school."
He punched me playfully in the arm and we walked outside, without any breakfast, towards school.


As I fiddled with my phone, Isabella and Phineas were engrossed in a conversation about our youth. I stifled a laugh at the thought. When I was young, I was a bit of a mute and had a tiny bit of a British accent. Now that I'm 17, I talk more and have lost the British accent. I sighed. Youth was filled with much less homework.
"WELCOME STUDENTS OF PILLONAIRE HIGH SCHOOL." A voice boomed out of nowhere.
I tried to find out where the source of the sound was, and then of I fixed my head of the stage. Of course. The graduation was starting.

After tons of kids went up to graduate high school, it was finally my turn. As I walked up to the stage, I felt all eyes on me. All I could see was my future ahead of me. Not the principle, with his scarily large smile. Not the rainfall of purple streamers. Not even my parents, screaming my name. Just my future. A painful par on my back took me out of my dreamland.
I coughed and smiled and then said, "Thank you all for getting me this far. Except for all the kids that bullied me which is about 96% of the students here. So to hell with that 96%. I'll thank my friends and friends only. I hope the 96% of you rots in hell. Bye." And with that I left the stage, everybody mouths gaping.
I sat down in my seat again, everybody still eyeing me. Well not everybody. My friends and parents were still clapping a bit too violently.

After the ceremony, Phineas left with our friends except Isabella. She told them she'd be there in a second.
"Hey Ferb, can you meet me at the mall at 6:00pm? I need another ranting session." Isabella asked.
"Sorry, I got loads of collage letters in the mail today, and I'm hoping to read them all." I replied.
"Oh..I understand" Isabella dragged her eyes to the cement and trudged off.
I felt a twang of guilt. I didn't have loads of collage letters. I had one, but I still needed to read it.

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